Roger Effron's Shoesonium

Venice Local Gives His Time To Our Community While Collecting Snazzy Golf Shoes

Roger Effron is always ready with a warm smile, great conversation, and is a boundless source of civic energy.  A 30-year veteran of the Cincinnati Public School System where he rose from junior high school principal to Director of Personal overseeing 6000 employees, Roger has brought that same drive to his retirement. Married to Sally for 48 years, Roger is an essential part of the community at the Venetian Golf & River Club, where he serves on the Community Association Board and publishes the community newsletter, Parcels From Paradise. He’s also Vice President of the Board of Venice Regional Bayfront Health and serves on the Venice Parks & Recreation Board.

When he’s not giving away his time, Roger can be found on the golf course, always wearing a snazzy pair of golf shoes. Collecting interesting golf shoes has become such a passion of his that he’s built his own museum: The Shoesonium.

“After 20 years of playing, I’m still just an average golfer,” Roger says. “I started collecting golf shoes to distract from my game. ‘How did Effron play today?’ someone will ask. Someone else will say, ‘Well, he put a couple balls in the water, but did you see his shoes?’ My shoes give me a psychological advantage that I’m wearing better shoes than my opponents. But that ends at the end of the round when everyone sees my score.” 

As to why he continues to give so much of his time to Venice? 

“The success of any community is founded in the willingness of its residents to get involved,” Roger says. “I have always loved serving the communities I have lived in and helping make them better any way that I can.”

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