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Roots Cycle Ride With Your Tribe

Article by Virginia Maldonado

Photography by Hannah Josephine Photography

Originally published in Westfield City Lifestyle

Roots Cycle (181 Root Rd, Westfield) is a premier indoor cycling studio highlighting world-class instructors within an immaculate facility warmed by a welcoming, community feel. Rhythm Ride sessions are all-levels and always accept new tribe members who are open to a fierce group work-out that will push new limits of fitness and fun. The studio is a kinetic catalyst that compels good health and camaraderie. An iconic Roots Cycle marquee glows in a foyer filled with smiles and inspiration while riders gear up and await their pedestals.

A Smooth Ride
Get Off On The Best Foot
Sign up and save your bike using the seat map in advance, then arrive early and get ready to rock to the rhythm.

Ride Your Own Stride
Challenge yourself, but take heed to controlling the pace, resistance, and intensity of your cycling journey based on your body signals.

Vibe With The Tribe
Let go of ego and stress by trusting and respecting the tsunami of electric energy that the pack of riders and music emits.

A High-Voltage Vibe
The room is darkened to an indigo-amethyst colored black. Its tiers, like a stadium, are luminescent with strips of white with neon spotlights overhead. Glowing bikes that look like skyrockets dot the room as their drivers enter to take charge.

The air is cool but the pulse is on fire. Riders click in the clips of their shoes and begin to warm up as the music drops a beat. The tigress of a teacher - a natural born leader seated upfront - executes her introduction by demonstrating basic choreography, hyping up the herd, and uniting riders into a team.

The lights black out, and the beat pulsates to a climax as riders outwork the dance party on wheels - a vivid production that surrenders you to cardio, conditioning, and communion.

Don't worry about having to keep up with the crowd. These journeys are soul cycles that exercise the mind as much as the body. Let the coach guide your gait as cyclists lean and rock to the rumble of the rhythm. The twist of a wrist using the small red knob below changes the resistance. Release your stress by pressing into the pedals and powering through alongside your new-found fitness family.