Roswell as a Commercial Hub

When Holly Ranney, co-founder of Sunshine on a Ranney day, a local Roswell non-profit, was in need of warehouse space fast, she called Jack Hudson. Jack, knowing the area well was able to secure her a great location within a few days , and negotiated the deal to help accommodate the growth of Ranney’s non-profit. “He was great to work with,” says Holly. “It was a seamless transaction and now we have the perfect space we needed.”

A commercial real estate agent here in Roswell, Jack immediately understood their needs. “Her space is a typical flex space, 4000 square feet of warehouse with two dock doors, and about 1500 square feet of office. Very convenient to their main location, they were an absolute gem to work with,” he says. We sat down with Jack to find out more about his company and projects.

Roswell City Lifestyle: You are helping build a commercial/residential team within Virtual Properties Realty. VPR is 4200 agents strong in Georgia. Tell us more!

JH: VPR has the best splits in the industry, With all the various teams already operating successfully within the company, I saw a need for a place where commercial real estate (CRE) agents could thrive along with residential real estate (RRE) agents that are drawn to a career in commercial real estate. VPR First Team has developed a system with multiple technologies that allows CRE and RRE to operate and cooperate under one umbrella.

RCL: When business owners are coming to Roswell to look at space, why are they picking our community?

JH: Roswell is a hub with so much to offer regarding work/live/play.  We are ’suburban’ yes, but with access to so many amenities either here or a short drive away in Alpharetta, the Perimeter area as well as Buckhead.

RCL: You have a front-row seat to the commercial market in Roswell. Have you seen a lot of office space opening up with remote work opportunities growing?

JH: There has been some pivoting, yes, but surprisingly the office market is returning as a viable discipline.  A lot of companies feel that productivity increases when there is personal collaboration, in person.  

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