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RV Land

Summer Fun through Family Travel

Lance Stewart and Scott Dean grew up together in Lubbock as best friends and basically brothers. Bound by a shared love of travel and a desire to care for customers and families, the lifelong friends moved to the Dripping Springs area and left their corporate jobs to start RV Land in Kyle in 2012.

We built it from the ground up with our own blood, sweat and tears,” says Lance. “It’s been a labor of love, but we’ve had a lot of fun and truly enjoy helping people explore the great outdoors.”

Lance says the best thing about RV travel is that it brings families closer together, with the convenience of your own kitchen, restroom, bed and more.

“It’s not always about the destination because there are a million cool things to see and do along the way,” he says.

Dripping Springs residents don’t have to travel across the country for a memorable family experience. We are fortunate to have many great destinations in Texas. “My family loves camping at South Padre, Big Bend, Lake Fork and the Texas Hill Country,” says Lance.

“We believe that the RV lifestyle is one of the greatest ways to explore all that mother nature has to offer,” says Scott. “We’ve discovered a lot of neat places and met a ton of great people who share our passion for bringing families closer together by RVing.”

Lance and Scott operate their business with small-town honesty and integrity. They take pride in serving their clients and their community.

“When our customers share their stories with us and send pictures of the memories they’ve made with their RVs, it genuinely makes us happy and delighted to have helped them achieve their dreams,” says Scott. 

“I went on my first RV road trip with Scott and his family to SeaWorld in San Antonio when we were young boys,” says Lance. “Now our families go camping together.” 

  • Lance Stewart, President
  • Scott Dean, General Manager