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Together We Thrive

Sacred Ally curates unique individual and community experiences that foster connection, wellbeing, and empowerment

Sarah Schaefgen is a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga teacher, and part of the International Association of Kambo Practitioners alongside her husband Peter E. Schaefgen, who is a sound healer, reiki practitioner, visionary breath work guide among other healing mentorship roles. Together, they are the visionaries behind Sacred Ally, where facilitating deep connections with the Missoula community is what makes them thrive.

Community is all about connection and Sacred Ally encourages each of us to accept our vulnerability and our power, and to come as we are. Find the best healing power or encouragement to reach your best self today and all throughout the year.

Body Work

I love working with the human body. It is the most precious gift we have. Most people wake up and are in GO mode until the moment they hit the pillow. Part of my passion and purpose in life is to help people relax and feel cared for. Bodywork is the perfect way to help people unwind and take their hands off the wheel, if just for an hour. With 23 years of bodywork experience, I’ve cultivated a deep knowledge and intuition of how to release tension both physically and mentally. —Sarah

Energy Medicine

I have always had a fascination with energy. It’s actually what started me on my journey as a healing practitioner. It is said, all ailments start in the energy field. I offer energy work because I love connecting people with this aspect of themselves. Reiki is quickly growing in popularity. More and more clients are coming in for energy sessions because they are seeking connection with this powerful part of their being. —Sarah

Sound Healing

We offer sound healing because it provides a deep meditative experience for people to set intentions and connect with their inner landscapes. Sound is a powerful tool for healing and relaxation. Different instruments elicit different emotions, memories, and visions that take one on a deep journey of reflection. —Sarah

Community Events

Our community events are the backbone of Sacred Ally. We love offering unique and intimate experiences for people to connect in a deeper and more meaningful way. Nothing makes us happier than watching people walk out our door with a renewed sense of wellbeing and connection. Many people arrive with a sense of curiosity and even some nervousness, but everyone leaves grounded with an open heart. A lot of people are coming to our events just to connect with other people. We’ve seen friendships blossom and even romantic connections evolve from the community that is forming within Sacred Ally.  

While we offer our signature events such as monthly sound journeys, breath work, men's circles and women's circles, we also love to collaborate with other magic makers in the community to showcase their powerful offerings. We enjoy supporting others stepping into their leadership and power. Together We Thrive! —Sarah

Men’s Group

I have participated in, and have been leading men’s circles for several years now. Men’s group is a community for men to step forward and find themselves, wherever they may be. It is a safe container for men to be heard, seen, and supported, as well as support their fellow man through their process. It is a place where we can heal, empower, and work toward the goals we set for ourselves, be held accountable, and grow through commitment to self and others into a place where we find our essence and true purpose. —Peter


736 A South 1st Street West, Missoula