Saddle River's Nicholas Galitsis

Kicking Off Elite Motive

From a young age, Nicholas Galitsis knew two things for certain. One, he wanted to be an athlete. And two, he wanted to own a business. There is something to be said about the determination it takes to carve reality out of dreams and face obstacles with the faith that you will prevail.

Through trials and tribulations, Galitsis has persevered with the idea that if he doesn’t quit, he won’t fail. When asked about his mindset as he rehabbed multiple injuries during his collegiate athletic career, he said, “I truly believe everything happens for a reason.” It is precisely those months, focusing on regaining his strength, that allowed him the time to focus on launching his new business—Elite Motive.

“If you wear Elite Motive, you’re a part of our team,” Galitsis stated. The concept for the apparel company was inspired by the idea that being a college athlete is a job in its own right. This notion is the thread that ties all college athletes together—regardless of location, position, or sport. Elite Motive is meant to cultivate a sense of community and instill the idea that if you’re a college athlete, you’re all playing for the same team, and in the end—each other. You’re there to train, play, and hopefully get recruited into a professional league. But you’re also there to support, motivate, and connect with other athletes. No matter where you are in the world, when you wear Elite Motive you feel a sense of being a part of something bigger.

Growing up in Saddle River, Galitsis had no shortage of access to various sports. His first two loves were baseball and hockey, though it wasn’t until he kicked his first football and switched schools his junior year that it all clicked into place. He was destined for football. As a child, he recalls his grandfather having dreams of Nicholas being a kicker—it all felt full circle for him when he realized his grandfather’s dreams would become his reality. “Everyone has their calling,” he said. “We might think it’s one thing, but later you come to find it’s something you didn’t expect. That was football for me.”

Nicholas credits Coach Alexander, from Pascack Hills High School, for giving him a chance at football. Ricky Krautman, Galistsis’ current kicking coach, has also been with him from the start. Krautman grew up in Saddle River and played for Syracuse University. The Bergen County community of athletes and coaches provided a solid foundation for Galitsis. Nicholas has fond memories of his recreational sports days, stating that “You grow up with the same guys. We’d all play one sport in the winter together and another sport in the spring together. It created a close sense of community.”

Currently, Elite Motive is awaiting its next product launch for the season. His intention is for his company to become a household name like other major sporting apparel brands. To chase this goal, Elite Motive is sponsoring 7+ athletes from all over the U.S. and beyond. Via Instagram, Elite Motive announces its partnership with each college athlete, introducing them to the Elite Motive digital community. From there, the ambassador shares content on their own social channels in the provided apparel to help expand Elite Motive’s mission for all college athletes.

As for Galitsis, he is currently training and working towards being signed by another school. With hard work and dedication, he knows he will make it to the NFL while continuing to grow his business. Everyone should adopt Elite Motive’s motto and find their mental paradise. That mindset will take you further than ever before.

“We’d all play one sport in the winter together and another sport in the spring together. It created a close sense of community.”

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