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Four Updates in Home Security and Automation

We’ve made almost everything “smart," from phones to shopping lists. The wave of the future may be in the security and automation of your most comforting place: your home. Local home security expert, Alison Shiver-Himes with Shiver Security Systems, shares the latest technologies available.

Video doorbells and cameras

We’ve all seen movies that joke about the secret “nanny cam,” but it’s reality now. Mason-based Shiver Security Systems offers an app that allows you to see what’s happening inside and outside your home, a popular feature for keeping track of pets and young children. Using your smart device, you can enjoy two-way talking communication. When someone shows up at your door, you can respond to them, ignore them or monitor them to prevent package theft.

Home automation

The inventors of clap on-clap off lights were on to something - the idea that your home can be controlled without using a physical switch. Shiver’s security panel includes integration of almost any home device with your Amazon Echo unit and smartphone. Control your lights from your bed, turn on your Roomba, open your blinds, activate your alarm system, turn the heat up a few degrees and operate your TV without the “where’s the remote” scramble.

Life safety

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are entering the modern age as well, with a single combined device Shiver offers. Sure, your old fashioned fire alarm works well, but what if you aren’t home? The company monitors these for no extra monthly cost, so emergency services are dispatched even if you aren’t there. Your insurance agent can also provide you with a potential discount.  

Home security systems and smart locks

Security systems where you race to deactivate the code on the wall are long gone. Everything is app-integrated, WI-Fi connected and keyless. You can even arm your system from your Apple watch. “Do you ever wonder if you locked the door on your way out? Or go all the way home just to let someone in?  Smart Locks take any worry out of getting into your home,” Alison explains.

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