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Salon Sage+

A welcoming haven supporting beauty and overall wellness

Article by Kaitlin Grenon and Makila McKay

Photography by Hannah Josephine Photography

Originally published in Westfield City Lifestyle

Salon Sage+ is one of Southwick's newest businesses. Women-owned by Kaitlin Grenon and Makila McKay, they are always welcoming to new customers. Read ahead and make sure you schedule time to visit them!

1. Salon Sage+ is more than just a hair salon. It’s a salon and wellness center. Can you share the mission behind Salon Sage+?

The mission behind Salon Sage+ is to create a supportive community where all are welcome. A place that encompasses a myriad of holistic services beyond just the beauty side of things.. options that support our overall wellness. Physically, mentally, spiritually and so on.

2. Owners Kaitlin Grenon and Makila McKay are the brain and heart behind the store front. What did you do in your past life and how did you meet?

We met working at a salon prior to opening our own. Once we met we realized we held similar visions and aspirations for creating our own business, and we knew that collectively we could make a space that checked all of our boxes together! Our creative juices started flowing and it all unfolded from there!

3. When and why did you decide to forge your own path and create this holistic space? 

We opened our first location in November of 2017. It was our first baby, it was small and truly a little healing space. We loved that we could determine the energy that came into our environment as that is so important to us. It wasn’t large enough for all we dreamed of, but we trusted that the right time and place would come! That time came in the summer of 2021. We quickly renovated our new location in Southwick, opening the doors in October of 2021. 

4. What can we find when we step through your doors? How do you decide which vendors/products to showcase in your boutique and wellness center?  

In our space we hope you walk in and instantly feel at home. We want everyone to feel comfortable and cozy, and feel that it's a healing place for you. Not only do we have a hairstylist for every possible personality/style. We have reiki, massage, IV nutrient therapy, spiritual readings, astrology readings, wedding officiating, vendor shelvings of all local small businesses retail, and more! We love supporting local businesses on our shelves and we try to showcase as many as we can and we’re always open to more!

5. Why do people keep coming back?

I think people keep coming back because this place is about so much more than coming to a hair appointment. We truly have walked people through the hardest days of their life, celebrated the best days of their life, have a strong group of woman who can be so supportive wherever you are in your journey, and can make you laugh and be silly all at the same time. We offer so many services to support your evolution on this earth! 

6. We love new businesses and we love the amazing community you are creating in Southwick. We know you have exciting plans in the works! What is on the horizon for Salon Sage+?

Our goal for the future is to continue to expand and grow, and hopefully renovate to add a few more rooms so we can have even more amazing services. We will continue to cater to everyone’s needs in a large capacity! Keep an eye out for exciting stuff!

320 College Hwy, Southwick - - 413-276-0428