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Adam Penaflorida and his lovely family

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Saluting Dads

Meet four Roswell dads who put family first

Adam Penaflorida - Roswell

Day job:  I'm a talent acquisition supervisor for surgical services at Northside Hospital and live in Roswell.

What advice would you give a young man entering your industry today?

To reference the book, The Ideal Team Player, by Patrick Lencioni, "Be Hungry, Be Humble, and Be Smart.”

What are your pet peeves in the business workplace?  Lack of accountability.

How do you destress at the end of a busy day?  To destress, you can usually find me at the gym or tennis court. When I need a little more creative zen, you can find me tickling the ivories on my piano.

How will you be spending Father's Day this year?  I will be spending Father's Day with my three lovely daughters (#girldad), smoking up some meats and enjoying some tasty beverages.

Brennan Posner 

Day job: I am a partner at the law firm Evershed Sutherland (US) LLP and live in Roswell.

What advice would you give a young man entering your industry today?

The practice of law, particularly in a large firm environment, is a tough road that takes a considerable amount of dedication and sacrifice. Try to decide early on in your career whether it is the right path for you. If you decide that it is not, there are plenty of opportunities to use your law degree elsewhere, but as your career progresses those opportunities quickly dissipate or become more difficult to transition to. 

What are your pet peeves in the business workplace?

The work ethic (or lack thereof) of the younger generation. People who send 25 emails about an issue instead of just picking up the phone and resolving it in ten seconds.  

How do you destress at the end of a busy day?

A stiff drink and spending time with my family remind me (sometimes verbally) that my job is really the least important part of each of my days.

How will you be spending Father's Day this year?

We will be on our annual family beach vacation in 30A. 

 Bill Hoban

Day job: Realtor with Century 21 Connect Realty, living in Roswell for 22 years for its walkability, Canton Street and its proximity to my work.

Favorite haunts: Thumbs Up Diner for breakfast; Lucky’s, Houcks and Lazaros are my go-tos, but there are many more restaurants that I love like Little Alley and Table & Main.

Finding nature:  Roswell Area Park has been awesome for my entire family. We live close enough to walk there. I’ve logged a lot of miles there. My girls spent many years doing swim team, gymnastics, dance, volleyball, art, tennis, softball and more there. Roswell’s parks cannot be beat!

Family:  I met and proposed to my wife Meredith on Fowler Avenue. She had purchased a house four doors down from mine a few months before I moved to the street. We are raising our daughters Caroline (17) and Claire (14) here. Roswell is an incredible town for raising kids! We loved walking the girls to elementary school when they were little. We also have an awesome dog named Olaf.

Hometown champion: Roswell means everything to me. It’s where I bought my first house in 2001, where I met and proposed to my wife Meredith (who had purchased a house 4 doors down from mine earlier that year), raised our daughters Caroline and Claire, and it’s where I work. I love the small town feeling of Roswell that connects all of the businesses, schools and residents. I think what stands out is the support that business owners, residents and the city give one another.

My Father’s Day: Father’s Day is usually pretty laid back at our house. We’ll just hang out as a family, grill out and maybe get together with friends and neighbors. I love being a dad and have been blessed with two amazing daughters! My consistent message to them is to always be kind, even if someone is mean. You never know what people are going through in life.

Michael Dal Cerro

Day job: Entrepreneur, co-founder and managing partner of Dal Cerro Real Estate Group, a business based in Roswell since 2006. The firm provides consulting services in real estate and recruiting. 

Hometown boy: Attended Roswell High School, class of 1991. Father of three sons, married 26 + years. Michael invested hundreds of hours on community involvement cutting across education, music and arts, the environment, public safety, our local businesses, charities, and non-profits, and giving back to the needy and less fortunate.  

My Father's Day: I am beyond excited to say that I will be having a perfect Father’s Day this year! We have arranged a reunion trip to visit family in Italy. This will be a very special and emotional trip. My dad immigrated to the United States in 1955 when he was only 10 years old. This will be his first trip back to Italy in 68 years. My wife and I, my sons, my brothers and extended family will be going with him. We will visit his birthplace, childhood home, school and church in Lucca, located in the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy.    

Can you share a piece of advice your father gave you? Being a first-generation American, I learned from an early age the importance of values and being principled. My father is a passionate man who always puts family first. Nothing is more important. When I was 13 years old my father told me, "Stand up for what you believe in." What this means to me is to stay true to my values. Integrity. Passion. Courage. Stay informed. And don’t be afraid to share my views. Family is top priority, but my community is too! It’s also about doing the right thing to help others in the community around us and to speak up for others who can’t. It is my hope and desire to live this every day in my hometown of Roswell and to impart Dad’s wisdom to my three sons.

  • Adam Penaflorida and his lovely family
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