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Saluting the Shine

Detailers of Naples makes gorgeous happen for discerning car owners

Eight years ago, Brennen Seaman launched Detailers of Naples at the age of 15—a bright-eyed teenager with a true entrepreneurial spirit and a penchant for building relationships. Fast forward to 2022 and Seaman has transformed Detailers of Naples into the area’s go-to purveyors of automobile care.

Detailers of Naples is one of only a few area companies that offers the high-performance XPEL product line to give vehicle owners a showroom-quality exterior finish and long-term protection.

Customers are raving about the work the shop is doing with the ULTIMATE PLUS™paint protection film, which is virtually invisible and provides protection from everyday damages including scuffs, scratches, chips, and more. Others opt for Fusion PLUS™ceramic coating for protection and the hydrophobic repellant of dirt and liquids. And, XPEL’s PRIME™premium window tint keeps Naples vehicles looking sharp and protected from damaging UV rays.

Through his commitment to the customer experience, Brennen has made Detailers of Naples a staple of the community and, ultimately, a haven for proud car owners who are as passionate about their vehicles as he is.

  • Detailers of Naples has grown from its detailing roots, adding a range of services aimed at helping vehicle owners protect their investments.