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Samantha Gore the Spatial Sorcerer

Natural Projection of the Soul

Article by Svetlana Blasucci

Photography by Svetlana Blasucci / Marco Ricca

Originally published in Manhattan City Lifestyle

As I take my first steps into Atelier 20 a warm glow welcomes me.  It's a quiet space where so much creativity flows through the air. When first meeting Samantha in person, I am in awe. Her spirit is as vibrant as a kaleidoscope, she effortlessly weaves creativity and intellect into the fabric of her persona. Samantha is not merely defined by her accomplishments but rather by the passion and dedication she pours into every endeavor. Her personality is magnetic and illuminating. Conversation with her went on and on, as if my curiosity wasn't fulfilled enough. We spent the whole afternoon speaking and I watched her light up with every word. Interior design is no joke to this woman, it's what gives her breath.

What do you want to get into interior design?

Do you mean Why I got into Interior Design? Ultimately, I’ve become an interior designer as I felt and feel first-hand how our environment influences and shapes us.  

I believe in the power of connection. When we feel connected, reflected and understood by our homes, as well as by others, daily and weekly life unfolds nicely.

When collaborating with my clients, I look to integrate their personalities and needs into their home in a profound way to make an enjoyable and elegant place for them to be themselves.

What was the most rewarding client to work with?
The reward is in the continued relationships with my clients.  As their lives and needs evolve, so does the design. For example, when clients acquire new art, we incorporate the art into their space. Sometimes a change of wall color and/or rearranging the existing art and furnishings is required. Oftentimes a successfully finished project leads to another area in the same home. I love it when this happens as rapport and trust are established.

What inspires you when it comes to designing someone’s home?
My clients inspire me. To get to know them, the pieces they might want to incorporate and their intentions for their home or space. I use this information to create something beautiful and meaningful to them. For me, fabric comes first. Fabric, color and form are the building blocks of interior design. The space itself is the container.

Define interior design.
Interior design is the overall envisioning of a space to merge function and aesthetics in order to enhance the lives of the people it holds. Taking disparate pieces of new material, new and existing furnishings, art, lighting, fixtures, finishes and colors and marrying them into an architectural space to arrive back at a shared vision.

Where did you go to school?

I have my Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University with a major in Art History and Fine Arts. I completed certificates in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design and in Image Consulting from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).  I worked for New York interior designer Randy Ridless.  Prior to that, I worked for global luxury brands, LVMH and Fendi.

Do you have a process when onboarding a potential client?
It’s wonderful when introductions and referrals are made. It’s a comfortable way to first meet. And then we talk again, more deliberately about the job - who the client is, what they have in mind, where the project is located, what the interiors budget is and do we share aesthetic common ground.

Once my proposal is sent, approved, and the invoice paid, our design kicks off. We begin with an exploratory phase where your Welcome Packet arrives and your input is shared. We then have our first meeting to begin the process of developing a design concept. Measurements are taken of the space, and drawings and floor plans are started. 

Do you find it more challenging to design a smaller space or a larger space and why?
Space is a puzzle. I love puzzles. A small space often has many uses - clients often like that extra bedroom to function as a home office and a guest room and a den!  A large space has more room to move, improvise and flow through.  

Tell me what your favorite patterns or colors are to work with?
As you can see I love color and I look to personalize a palette for each client.

This might sound funny, but I used to say that I was a pattern whisperer. After leaving Fendi I took classes at FIT and got a certificate in Image Consulting. Every class was so interesting - for patterns, we discussed all the things - fabric, line direction, scale, open space and how all of these relate to other features. Add in silhouette and color study, it really makes for quite a developed and organic vision.

Beauty takes on many forms and visual harmony promotes it. 

Is there any specific Interior Designer or Artist that inspires you?
I really appreciate the work of designers Paola Navone and Pierre Yovanovitch. 
I find their approach to shape, space, scale, color and texture to be sophisticated and welcoming. I think they are so elegant in their personal expression through design.

Who is Samantha Gore? Tell me a little bit about you and possibly anything that you like to do when you’re not Interior Designing?
Creating art has been the way I communicate myself freely. Freedom of expression is very important to me. Back in pre-school, my parents were called in to let them know how creative I was. Interior Design is one way I make art. In my time I do a lot of watercolor paintings - abstracts, landscapes and cosmic compositions. In the past, I’ve carved stone - alabaster - and exhibited my sculptures. 

Though I have lived in New York for over 20 years, much of my inspiration comes from other places I’ve lived and visited. These include Boston, where I was born, outer Cape Cod and Italy where I studied and lived for a number of years. Losing myself in the nature in these places is what feeds my soul and inspires my work. 

Samantha Gore

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My clients inspire me. To get to know them, the pieces they might want to incorporate and their intentions for their home or space. I use this information to create something beautiful and meaningful to them.