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9/11 Memorial Tower Climb at Circuit of the Americas

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Samaritan Center

Welcoming our Heroes Home

Approximately 300 veterans have made Dripping Springs their home. When you consider spouses, children, and parents, that means our military community here exceeds 1,000 people.

The Samaritan Center knows well the journey of veterans returning home and the challenges they and their families face during the transition. The Hope for Heroes program, initiated in 2007 by a team of Samaritan Center counselors, all veterans themselves, is dedicated to supporting veterans during this crucial period.

Recognizing the importance of addressing each veteran’s individual experience and with a mission to provide meaningful support, Samaritan Center opened a counseling office on Ranch Road 12 in January 2022. Samaritan Center counselor Jan Venable provides support to several veterans and family members as they transition from military service.

Blake Holbrook, a Purple Heart Recipient and Samaritan Center’s Veteran Mental Health Peer Specialist, has called Dripping Springs home for the last few years. In his role, he connects veterans to resources and facilitates support groups and outdoor hikes with veterans.

“When I was honorably discharged from Iraq, like many veterans I felt completely alone,” says Holbrook. “After struggling with addiction and PTS for many years, I found purpose in helping others, and the Samaritan Center was an avenue for that purpose.”

Beyond the scope of welcoming veterans home, in 2022 Samaritan Center began a partnership with Dripping Springs ISD. Funded by the Dripping Springs Education Foundation, this innovative program provides complimentary counseling services to educators and staff members who dedicate themselves daily to nurturing the next generation.

Samaritan Center is embarking on 50 years of delivering comprehensive counseling services in Central Texas. Their ongoing mission is to offer top-notch and accessible services, ensuring that everyone can access treatment, irrespective of their financial capacity. From the start, the center has focused on addressing the needs of the whole person.

A noteworthy event on the horizon is the annual Hope for Heroes Benefit on April 20, 2024, commemorating Samaritan Center's 50-year anniversary. The community’s backing, whether through attendance or sponsorship, plays a pivotal role in making this event a success. Samaritan Center extends a warm invitation to have Dripping Springs well represented!

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