Same, but Different

Play is the brain's favorite way to learn

It's that magical month. Time to go back to school. We salute our school districts, administrators, teachers and parents who made it through the summer, planning and playing along the way. Here's some good news from two preschools in Alpharetta. O2B Kids serves for kids from infant to first grade for preschool and after-school programs. 

How will educating your kids look different as they return to school in 2020?

We are proud to be a top provider in the Alpharetta area. Back to school has always been an exciting time for us, and while the world may feel different for families at home, our goal is to have things feel as normal as possible for our students and teachers! Simply being back together will be wonderful! We are following all standards and guidelines as directed by local and federal government agencies. We can't wait to learn, laugh, play and socialize together again! After all, play is the brain's favorite way to learn!

What unique outreach did you do during the pandemic to stay engaged with your students? 

We were proud to serve “essential employee children” safely and securely! For those we couldn’t serve, they use (our O2B curriculum) to continue learning at home. We waived fees for use on for anyone to use for 90 days. We hosted circle times, playgroups and storytimes virtually. We had a “Buzz By” event for families to drive by, pick up activities and snacks. We used our “Honeycomb” App and emailed families. We created a school-age curriculum for attending students who weren’t able to do work at home and created a YouTube Channel, "O2B Kids" for families to view lessons, storytimes, and more!

O2B Kids

4600 Alexander Drive, Alpharetta, 770.360.8260

10240 Jones Bridge Road, Johns Creek, 770.360.1375

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