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Santiago's Family Restaurant

Infusing Westfield with Boricua Food & Flare

From the country-side of Corozal, Carmen and Ismael Santiago have been infusing Westfield with Puerto Rican flare and flavor for over twenty years. Located at 34 Franklin St, Santiago's Family Restaurant is family owned and operated business (with the help of friends) and features food dishes filled with love, history, and culture. You can smell the food from around the corner and when the music is live, it even looks like the lights inside are flickering the sound of salsa. "We use food to bring people together in an intimate and ambient spot," says Manager and son, Marcos. The menu features appetizers like empanadillas (fried turnovers) and papa de relleno (meat-stuffed potato balls) as well as mofongo, which is made from green banana and plantains. You'll find entrees such as ensalada de camarones, which is a Caribbean salad with fresh, citrusy shrimp and a popular favorite like pernil, or slow roasted pork encased in a crispy, garickly, crunchy skin.

Santiago's Family Restaurant

34 Franklin Street

Westfield, MA