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We had the opportunity to speak with Wyckoff resident and nutrition coach Sarah Wragge. Sarah is the founder of Sarah Wragge Wellness (SWW), an innovative nutrition brand with highly customized health plans that create sustainable behavioral changes to bring clients closer to their wellness goals.

What is your philosophy about healthy eating and nutrition?

Our belief at SWW is that nutrition is a lifestyle and not a diet. I don't believe in suffering or being hungry or having "on" days and "off" days. Good nutrition is more about what you add to your nutritional routine rather than what you take out. It shouldn't matter if it's Monday, the weekend, or vacation. Our program marries the science of blood sugar balancing with behavioral changes. By following the ten-step method of SWW, you will feel empowered to make the best choices.

How did you discover your love for good nutrition?

I've always been drawn to fitness and wellness. A powerful connection exists between nutrition and well-being—body, mind, and soul. Throughout my teens and 20s, I struggled with chronic health issues. Through my own health journey, I discovered a holistic nutritionist who changed my life. Once I realized that I could begin to feel good by changing the food I consumed, I decided to give up my career in advertising and go back to school for nutrition. I literally turned a health crisis into a career!

How can SWW help someone create sustainable, healthy habits?

SWW focuses on education and accountability. First, we educate you on the science of nutrition and the fundamentals of blood sugar balancing, which empowers you to make better choices. Our goal is to have you feeling so good that you won't want to stop! That's what creates sustainable changes.

What types of programs does Sarah Wragge Wellness offer?

There are several ways people can work with us.

Our One-on-One Lifestyle Program includes working directly with one of our twelve nutritionists. We create a customized plan, coach you individually, and hold you accountable for 12 weeks.

The SWW Method program is a six-week group coaching program with a high-touch element on a community platform for support and motivation. It includes phone calls, guest speakers in the wellness industry, group Zoom calls, and customized food plans.

The 30-Day Challenge helps you to transform your life in just one month. Each day, you'll receive an email with a video lesson from me to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle, focusing on how small changes can lead to big results.

We also offer a variety of lifestyle programs which plans tailored to your lifestyle—whether you're a corporate executive or a busy stay-at-home mom. We will plan food choices with your daily schedule in mind.

How do you help clients maintain that momentum after their program concludes?

Our goal is to always make you feel fully supported. When your program ends, you can move on to the SWW membership program, a month-to-month commitment that basically "puts your coach in your pocket!" There are different variations available, but basically, you'll never need to leave the lifecycle of SWW.

Sarah's 5 top tips for healthy eating:

·       Start off every day with a liter of water - place it by your bedside table and drink it first thing before coffee.

·       Alkalize the body before coffee. After your water, start your morning with hot water and fresh lemon or SWW-approved green juice (find out more on the SWW website).

·       Make sure your first meal is protein- and fiber-packed

·       Avoid snacking. "Feast" on larger meals, and then "famine" in-between meals

·       Create a wind-down ritual to help you optimize deep sleep, which is beneficial for balancing blood sugar and minimizing cravings throughout the day.


I've always been drawn to fitness and wellness. A powerful connection exists between nutrition and well-being—body, mind, and soul.

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