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Saving Money on Your A/C Bill Is Easier than You Think

As Spring Heats Up, Get Your Air-Conditioning Costs Way Down

As spring heats up, it’s time to get cooling costs down. Decrease your air-conditioning costs this spring with a few helpful tips from local experts Joe Severson and Eileen Jones at AireServ Houston Northwest. The locally owned company offers affordable air-conditioning maintenance plans just in time for the changing weather. 

1. Change air filters regularly. Dirty and clogged filters restrict airflow and cause major components to fail over time.  Regular replacements can help reduce energy consumption and improve your home’s air quality.

2. Schedule preventive maintenance. Catch things before they fail to save money on costly repairs later. Check electrical systems and refrigerant levels. Get your outdoor condenser coil cleaned. Check your A/C capacitor.

3. Adjust for the season. During warmer months, set your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise. This pushes cool air down into the living space. Raise your thermostat during the day, but don’t turn it off completely. It costs more to cool a hot house. Close blinds on the southwest side of the house during the day, and consider installing an attic fan to help with air circulation.

4. Perform an energy audit. Check for holes and cracks around doors and windows. Look for unsealed ductwork in the attic. Make sure nothing is blocking your system's air-return inlet. Make sure your outside condenser coil is not blocked by anything including dirt or plants.

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