Savoring Amoré

A Story of Food, Family, and Love

Alfred Limani sweeps from his kitchen, lofting a tray of cappuccinos topped with a cloud of whipped cream, drizzles of syrup, and sprinkles of powdered sugar. While a writer might expect to be greeted with some type of food when covering a restaurant, Alfred’s enthusiasm for hospitality leaves something extra in its wake. For him, it is a joy to place his creation in front of you, and it leaves one feeling like a member of the Amoré family rather than a mere guest.

Dr. Alfred Limani and his wife, Dr. Vjosa Limani, left former Yugoslavia with their two small children, Redon and Luiza, during the turmoil of the country’s breakup for new opportunities in the United States. While both worked as physicians before the move, in America, Alfred started out in construction and cleaning houses, but he soon realized a dormant set of skills could prove useful in his pursuit of success. Alfred’s father ran a restaurant for over 50 years and taught Alfred everything about the business. “I am very good in the kitchen,” Alfred says, and funnily enough, it is a skill set he never thought he’d use.

You can find Amoré Fine Dining and Spirits heading West on Highway 105 just past the first views of Lake Conroe Park. The restaurant serves up fine Italian cuisine, fresh seafood, high-quality steaks, and a variety of libations. The atmosphere is both elegant and relaxed, with nice views of the water from many of the tables. Romantic art hanging above secluded booths makes it a perfect spot for a date night. If you are in search of somewhere to enjoy the company of friends or even strangers, the scarlet carpet and dark wood of the Lounge creates a warm atmosphere for lively conversation. For large groups, the restaurant has private rooms available to host events like wedding receptions and birthdays.

How did Alfred go from working manual labor to owning the most elegant restaurant on Lake Conroe? The answer lies in the name. Amoré is Italian for love. “Love for people, love for community, love for country,” says Alfred. “Every morning when I wake up, I say God bless America. God bless Conroe and my community because if you love America, America will love you.” The love Alfred describes is visible in every aspect of the business.

It was the love of family and friends that initially got Amoré up and running. With the support of Gilbert and Kay Bazan, Alfred was able to go from a small Bistro on Walden Road to the successful restaurant that exists today. His love of family inspires the hard work it takes to hold on to that success. Of his wife, Alfred says, “I am not here without her. She is my love.” He says his children Redon and Luiza also give him inspiration.

But Alfred’s love does not stop there. He believes in serving the community. Amoré regularly donates breakfast to the Lone Star Honor Flight Veterans Group, and they are also involved with the annual Bethlehem City at West Conroe Baptist Church. Redon says working with his father in the restaurant cultivated a love of service that inspired his study of pre-med at Texas Christian University and aspiration to one day work in emergency medicine.

There is no denying that Amoré is fine dining, and the atmosphere is certainly one of elegance. However, it is not the kind of place that inspires the fear of using the wrong fork or spilling sauce on a pristine tablecloth. Instead, Amoré welcomes you to dine comfortably, just like one of the family.

“Amoré is Italian for love. “Love for people, love for community, love for country,” Alfred said with passion. 

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