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Chef Ron Matty Talks Fall Menus and The Wayback Cafe's Distinct Charm

"1987 was the start of a long supercharged journey from coast to coast," Chef Ron Matty reminisced, as he reflected on the years spent in pursuit of becoming a chef recognized for his culinary talents. His journey has led him to The Wayback Cafe, where every dish tells a story, and every meal is a chapter in his culinary adventure.

A short drive from downtown, The Wayback offers a serene escape to the tranquil embrace of the Texas Hill Country, where time takes on a leisurely pace. "The first time I walked on the grounds of The Wayback, it reminded me of Glen Ellen, California," Chef Ron shared. The trees and cottages create a sense of warmth and hospitality, with the sprawling hills and vast skies. This setting takes Chef Ron back to the Wine Country charm of Sonoma. The name "The Wayback" even held personal significance for him. He remarks,  "The vibe is refined, without being pretentious – a place that feels like home away from home."

Within this setting, The Wayback Cafe offers its autumn farm-to-table menu, infusing each dish with the essence of locally sourced ingredients that embrace the warmth and richness of the fall harvest. Chef Ron's approach to crafting a seasonal menu finds its roots in the very fabric of his surroundings. "The menu reflects simple, clean, well-put-together quality seasonal ingredients," he explained. And it's not just about the food; it's about the connection. "We are close with our clientele," Chef Ron noted, his passion evident in his words, "I like to hear and see what motivates them. This drives development as well as the farms and purveyors we work with." The culinary creations that grace The Wayback Cafe's tables are a reflection of this collaboration, masterfully combining passion and a commitment to health-conscious dishes and sustainability practices.

The upcoming fall season at The Wayback Cafe promises a lineup that's nothing short of extraordinary. "Hearty soups – prime beef and butternut stew," Chef Ron exclaimed. "French onion with sherry Asiago crouton and puff pastry. Into risotto with fresh crab and truffle." His words paint a vivid picture of the dishes that will pay homage to the abundance of fall's harvest and pair well with chilly weather.

As The Wayback Cafe prepares for Thanksgiving next month, "There may be a limited seating Thanksgiving dinner in the cafe," Chef Ron revealed. With a seasonal menu that features Herbed Roasted Turkey, Pomegranate Dressing, Ciabatta Sage Merguez Sausage Chestnut Stuffing and Port Wine Cranberry Sauce, among other offerings, both locals and visitors are already booking their holiday reservations.

"Personalized attention, we know our customers," Chef Ron shared. "We are approachable. We want to know our patrons." The Wayback Cafe's charm centers around being a place where dining is an intimate conversation, where patrons are friends and friends are family. "You're coming over to have dinner with a group of friends who just happen to have a professional kitchen," he says. With every dish, conversation, and shared moment, the sentiment that defines The Wayback Cafe thrives – a space where flavors are savored, and bonds are nurtured with care.

"The first time I walked in the grounds of The Wayback it reminded me of Glen Ellen California, the trees and shade, the cottages and general decor reminded me of wine country of Sonoma. The name 'The Wayback' resonated with me it had personal significance."


Choose from eight classic board-and-batten cottages each with hill country views.

The farm-to-table menus ensure the freshest locally sourced taste.

The Wayback Cafe serves as a welcoming hub for neighbors and travelers.

MAKE A RESERVATION, located at 9601 Bee Cave Road, Austin, Texas 78733.




Among the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country, a memorable escape in West Austin awaits. The Wayback offers a relaxed boutique cafe and hotel experience, featuring eight distinct cottages, as well as The Cafe, Patio, Cabana, Lawn Areas, Oak Grove, and Pool. The Wayback invites you to relax, celebrate, and embrace the cherished moments of the season.

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  • Courtesy of  Shelby E. Lewandoski
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  • Courtesy of Gracie Byrd Jones
  • Courtesy of Jenna McElroy
  • Courtesy of Carley Page Summers
  • Courtesy of Jenna McElroy
  • Courtesy of Jenna McElroy
  • Courtesy of Shelby E. Lewandoski
  • Courtesy of Jenna McElroy
  • Courtesy of Shelby E. Lewandoski
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