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Sawhill Custom Kitchen and Design helps you see your home's potential

Spring is finally here, and with spring comes a fresh perspective on what we want and need in our homes. Matt Cook, president of Sawhill Custom Kitchen and Design, helps clients explore the endless possibilities to achieve their vision.  

Sawhill has been in the business for over fifty years and has expanded from luxury kitchen design and evolved into bathrooms, basements, mud rooms, and additions. Standing out from other firms, they “don’t have one specific look,” Matt explains. “Some firms lean strongly toward traditional design. Others toward very modern. We are capable of taking on any project and making it fit within the design of the home. If your home has a certain style, we don’t want to make your new space feel like it doesn’t belong. We take the existing elements that are most appreciated and pronounce those in the design process.” 

When clients need design advice, Sawhill considers what is already in place. Matt says, “For example, if a client lived in an English Tudor, we would advise against the trend of a white and grey theme we see in many homes now. We would suggest classic touches to keep within the spirit of the original style.” 

While offering full-scale design/build services, Sawhill is also able to remodel smaller spaces and reimagine possibilities in older homes. They work on many houses, condominiums, and loft spaces that may not have ideal footprints, which encourages creativity. “You don’t always have to tear out a wall or add on. You can change the layout of an existing space to make a huge difference in the function of any home.”

Many of us struggle to envision the finished space while in the planning stages. Sawhill understands. The Sawhill team works with each client, guiding them through a funneled design process beginning with the broad vision for the project. Next is space orientation and exploring the uses of existing space. Space planning often involves two or three different options so clients can see elevations and 3D renderings. Sawhill’s software offers the chance to virtually “walk through” the new spaces and get a feel for them before making any big decisions. Then the decisions are narrowed to the amenities and functions of each space, finalizing the process with the material selections. Using the virtual software and the process of elimination, Sawhill can assist homeowners in making the very best choices for their desired result. 

Over time, some design elements can become outdated as new needs and new styles emerge. Can old trends be salvaged? Personally, I’m considering my very outdated desk, which has become a giant junk drawer. 

Matt says they absolutely can. “At one point, desks were in, but now we don’t need them. We have updated and integrated kitchen islands with more seating, digital hookups, and charging stations. Kitchen islands are where many people work now. Former desks have been cleverly transformed into elegant coffee stations or wine bars.”

Ages and stages in life also play a large role in design decisions. A young couple or family has different needs than empty nesters. Matt recommends making decisions accordingly. Children will create a lot of wear and tear on surfaces and appliances. Durability is paramount. It has to be functional and stand the test of time. 

Couples, particularly empty nesters, may find themselves choosing more elegant finishes and features that speak to their unique style and are more in line with their lifestyle of entertaining. It can become more about their own personal use and design aesthetic. 

The housing market has been quite active, and some homeowners remodel with resale on their minds. However, Matt cautions against waiting to make changes only to sell. “People should enjoy their homes. You can get everything you want and still have an awareness of how it may impact someone down the line. The space is for you. People shouldn’t miss out on years of enjoyment in their own home.” 

Explore your existing spaces with fresh inspiration and go to sawhillkitchens.com to see what is possible. 

We are capable of taking on any project and making it fit within the design of the home. If your home has a certain style, we don’t want to make your new space feel like it doesn’t belong.

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