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Drs. Sara Spurlock and Jenni use the latest computerized design technology in house to create custom crowns, bridges, partials and dentures.

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Dental Design Studio Creating High-Tech Dazzling Smiles

One of Norman’s oldest and most successful dental practices, Dental Design Studio continues to provide area residents with cutting-edge oral care, offering a full spectrum of custom-designed preventive, cosmetic, emergency and restorative services.

Current practice owners Drs. Sara Spurlock and Jennifer Jenkins treat patients of all ages, and each one is given highly personalized attention and a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan. They utilize the latest computerized design technology in house, enabling them to create both traditional and implant-supported custom crowns, bridges, partials and dentures.

The ability to design and manufacture in-house in real time, with the patient readily available, means less wait time, eliminates many follow-up visits, and ensures a better fit for the patient, they said. Previously, models would be made and sent to an off-site laboratory, requiring one or more follow-up visits.

DDS also offers cosmetic dentistry services that include ceramic crowns and veneers, dental bonding, enamel contouring, teeth whitening, Botox injections and fillers.

Meet the Docs

Drs. Spurlock and Jenkins became fast friends while in dental school at the University of Oklahoma. After graduating in 2008, Spurlock accepted an offer to join the practice of longtime Norman dentist Dr. Susan Whiteneck. When Whiteneck retired in 2017, Jenkins officially joined the practice, which they now operate as partners. Thanks to its longevity, they have a significant number of multi-generational patients.

“We are so incredibly thankful to work together,” Spurlock said. “While we don’t look alike, patients often confuse us, and we like to think it’s the way we make them feel that’s the same. We share a heart for serving, the same sense of humor, the same values and the same passion for our profession.”

With five family members who were already practicing dentists, plus the influence of her childhood provider, it’s no surprise that Spurlock determined early on that she wanted to specialize in the field herself. She completed a degree in zoology at the University of Oklahoma, then went on to graduate from OU’s College of Dentistry.

“What other career enables you to be an artist, doctor, educator, engineer, counselor and cheerleader all in a day’s work?” Spurlock said. “I cannot envision a better career. The ability to impact lives through our work is incredibly rewarding—so much so that we readily welcome young adults who are considering dentistry as a career choice to shadow us and observe our practice.”

Jenkins also knew early in life that she wanted to become a dentist, and entered OU’s dental school after earning bachelor’s degrees in psychology and zoology. For the next seven years she operated her own practice in Oklahoma City, but when approached by Drs. Spurlock and Whiteneck was happy to join the DDS team.

“The quote ‘Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness’ typifies my decision to practice dentistry,” Jenkins said. “My partnership with Dr. Spurlock is symbiotic; we share so many of the same values and philosophies in life. Combining our shared philosophies and desiring to give our patients state-of-the-art, compassionate care has been the cornerstone of our practice.”

Both doctors stressed that DDS is heavily focused on continuing education for its team members, to ensure each patient always receives the best possible care.

“Dentistry is an ever-changing field, and it’s vital that we focus on growth and learning, keeping abreast of the latest technology and techniques,” Jenkins said. “Our commitment to continuing education is crucial to who we are, and we are very dedicated to everyone on the team learning and elevating our skills.”

Community Commitment

The two also are continuing the tradition of giving back to the community established by Dr. Whiteneck and the original practice founder, Dr. Roger Bowman. That includes working with a number of schools around Norman and providing booster support to its high schools. The two also are lead volunteers with the Oklahoma Mission of Mercy and serve on the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma Foundation’s board of advisors.

“Our predecessors inspired our commitment to serving our community. We continue to follow their example and have expounded upon their generosity,” the doctors said.

To advance this mission, they are in the process of establishing the nonprofit Jenkins-Spurlock Foundation. All proceeds from DDS’s teeth whitening services will be used by the foundation to assist a variety of local charities. Patients are welcome to nominate a nonprofit through the practice website (see below).

Dental Design Studio is located at 561 Merchant Drive in Norman. More information is available through the practice’s website,, on Facebook @DentalDesignStudioNorman, by emailing or by calling 405.321.6166.

  • Drs. Sara Spurlock and Jenni use the latest computerized design technology in house to create custom crowns, bridges, partials and dentures.
  • 1. The 3D scanner is used to produce ceramic inlays, onlays and crowns that match the exact shape and size of  patients' teeth.
  • 3. The porcelain furnace is used to bake the crowns.
  • 2. The CEREC machine allows same-day restorations with crowns and dental implants.