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Decorate with Flowers

Enjoy the look of fresh flowers without the expiration date

Article by Laura SanchezQuan

Photography by Shannon Raske

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

Flower Rental Company owner Eric Brand thrived playing college basketball at Bethel University, accumulating a long list of accolades–including induction into three Halls of Fame. He played in four national Championships, was a three-time All American and an All Time Leading scorer at Bethel. 

His success playing college ball catapulted him into a fulfilling and fruitful career in coaching college basketball at Baylor, Texas State and New Mexico State Universities. For the last 8 years, Eric has enjoyed coaching and teaching at the High School level. The role he’s the most proud of is as Dad to his 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter. As a single father Eric started contemplating a career shift. He went in search of the right vocation that would allow him to prioritize time with his family. “That's when I stumbled across a product I genuinely believe in,” Eric says. “It’s turning out to be so much more than just a career move. It's a chance to build something significant, while having the flexibility to balance work and family on my own terms.” 

“There's something magical about the way flowers spread joy – they add a burst of color and create an atmosphere that just brightens up any space, in a business or a home.” Eric explains, “But let's be real, real flowers can break the bank, and they have this tendency to, well, kick the bucket.”

That's where Flower Rental Company steps in. Their arrangements bring that same feel-good vibe and the delightful scent of real flowers, minus the expiration date. Perfect for homes and business to enjoy the freshness and beauty for a whole month, and then it’s time for the next, fresh, new floral design delivery!

Flower Rental Company offers realistic silk flowers, with real floral aromas and scents. No wilting, droppings, insects or allergens. Enhance your space with stunning floral designs—delivered at no cost as part of their free trial. Flower Rental Company offers personalized service  so you can have designs tailored in size, style and selection to perfectly fit your needs, taste and space. Enjoy the latest trends with every design each month, brought directly to your door. Flower Rental company also offers flower walls and arches for events like weddings, birthday parties, quinceañeras, and other business or social events. 

Proudly showcase vibrant, lifelike, and real-touch floral designs with zero hassle and zero maintenance, Flower Rental Company’s blooms offer all the advantages of real flowers without any drawbacks. “We've got the power to match seasons, giving you a posh and elevated look all year round. And the best part,” Eric says, “is the priceless looks I get when I walk into a room with one of our arrangements – now that's the real deal!”

Photography Location: Ravenna Homes, Bridgeland Model located at 21210 Prince of Orange Lane.