Sazan's More Than Ramen

Chef Hammond has a comforting menu that also includes dumplings....and wings!

Sazan Ramen’s Chef Kris Hammond has been practicing his trade for more than a decade and is responsible for some of the most sought after Ramen in the city This month he opened his recipe book to our readers to share what’s been called the best wings in Austin - because their elaborate signature Paitan Ramen would need more than our two pages.

Chef Hammond says the Indomitable Wings are among the most popular items on the menu and “Juicy, crispy with a kick of spice and flavors of Japanese curry, this dish just hits different” He adds, “This is a fairly advanced recipe for most home cooks but with enough planning and patience, anybody can make these award-winning wings. Confited, fried and tossed with our signature Japanese curry rub, these are sure to be a hit at any get together.”

Find Sazan at: 6929 Airport Blvd #146, Austin, TX 78752

Sazan’s Indomitable Wings


5lbs Chicken Wings

Curry Rub

1tsp Granulated onion

1tsp Granulated garlic

1.5 tsp Cayenne pepper

1tsp Salt

1tsp Curry powder (S&B brand preferred)

1tsp Lemon pepper

Confit oil

2 qt Vegetable oil, enough to cover

Deep fry

2 qt Vegetable oil, enough to cover

Makes: ~40 wings

Prep time: 10 hrs (overnight brine)

Cook time: 1.5hrs 

Total time: 11.5hrs


1. Combine all ingredients of curry rub to start

2. In a 12 qt pot, combine wings and 2 qts of oil. Bring to a boil over medium heat and have your instant read thermometer ready. Use a wooden spoon or spatula to make sure the wings aren’t sticking to the bottom of the pan. Wings are done at 165 degrees Fahrenheit (~30 mins) but always check the internal temperature of the thickest drummie you can find.

3. Strain confited wings with a slotted spoon or strainer.

4. In an 8qt pot, pour in 2 qts of vegetable oil. Attach a candy thermometer or use your instant read thermometer to check your oil. Heat on medium to medium-low to 350°

5. Fry wings in 350°F oil. Since the wings are already cooked thoroughly, we’re just looking for a nice, crispy, reddish-brown skin. If cooking from the refrigerator, fryer time is 5 mins. If cooking directly after confit, cook time is only 3 mins.

6. In batches of 10 wings, toss with 2 tsp of curry rub and serve immediately. Garnish with cilantro, lemon and your favorite wing condiment. We serve ours with a yuzu aioli.

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