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Sam Heitzer, Daniel Vaisberg and Shahab Maslehati

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Scale Your Business and Life in Tandem

Gain Confidence and Embrace Growth with Seed Money Consulting

Sitting down with Seed Money Consulting founder, Shahab Maslehati and two of his business consultants, Sam Heitzer and Daniel Vaisberg reveals a team that is on your side when it comes to business support. Seed Money Consulting is an independent financial advisory. Their mission is to educate, resource and support their clients in tax preparation, business services, financial planning and investment management. Shahab has built a team of elite professionals with high-level skills that serve their clients with excellence while bringing support to each other as well.

Shahab addresses that when it comes to finances, it can be very personal. “More so than anything else, people will tell you about their medical diagnosis, but they will not tell you how much credit card debt they have,” Shahab says. His team is trained uniquely to understand this.

Sam talks about how they work hard to add a level of customer service that people are unfamiliar with when bringing business support. He explains, “Our level of customer service is really unmatched. [We provide] that soft touch that is really needed when people are talking about their issues and finances.”

Daniel adds, “Each of our customers has a direct line to us.” Shahab even mentions an emergency line for those that have time sensitive and urgent requests. Every aspect of their service is thought through to build trust and ensure not just customer satisfaction, but confidence that clients are in good hands.

When asked how to balance your personal life with work, they refer to strong teamwork. The entire team works hard to be familiar with each client and account. This allows for flexibility as personal matters come up. It also ensures that clients will always meet a person on the other side of their request.

Shahab leads the conversation in self-care. He states, “We put in the hours at work, but none of us will skip on our workouts or sleep. We make time... for me it’s the morning routine of lifting or running before work.... We can’t neglect our bodies. We do enough to stay excited and keep the business moving forward.” It’s this desire to keep the passion for what they do alive that makes the difference.

Shahab also takes time to go on retreats with his friends to recharge. He notes the importance of having a growth mindset. He goes hiking, does cold plunges and takes time to reset and come back energized.

“When we are off the clock, we are with family, traveling and having very focused down time. [It’s] very intentional and oftentimes we spend it together,” Shahab explains.

Sam also shares how important it is to know your why. He shares, “We are so mission oriented right now. We understand the importance of the clients that we’re serving and the bigger picture of what we’re trying to accomplish.”

The way Shahab, Daniel and Sam speak is energized in a way that gives weight to their longevity. Their heart is to serve, but they also prioritize collaboration with their clients. Sam talks about a network they’ve set up for their client groups. “Whether it’s holding client appreciation events, getting our clients in touch with each other or highlighting our clients through different marketing initiatives and client spotlights, we really try to connect and not just provide financial services but also provide community.”

Their advice is to be consistent and take small steps every day to make a difference in your life. “We like to see our clients succeed. That’s the fruit of our labor,” Shahab says. For Shahab and his team at Seed Money Consulting, it’s all about scaling your professional and personal life in tandem. They also give back to the community. Within a year they purchased 200 backpacks for an at-risk elementary school. They plan to expand this initiative annually with local partners. 

With their customized service and foresight to educate their clients, it makes business planning all the more seamless. Their efforts allow their clients the freedom to become stronger and better leaders themselves. Email or join them on

Their advice, be consistent and take small steps every day to make a difference in your life.

  • Shahab, Founder of Seed Money Consulting
  • Sam Heitzer, Daniel Vaisberg and Shahab Maslehati
  • Shahab Maslehati, Sam Heitzer and Daniel Vaisberg
  • Sam Heitzer, Daniel Vaisberg and Shahab Maslehati
  • Shahab and Daniel