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Body Fit Training

To say Alberto Perez is enthusiastic about fitness is an understatement. He and wife Martha Garza just opened Body Fit Training in Roswell and together, they want you to find your best self through their training program. We caught up with Alberto to find out more.

Roswell City Lifestyle: You are all about a well-balanced exercise program in a group setup with engaging coaches who provide fun, progressive training with a perfect mix of strength, cardio and endurance. How do you get started with someone on their first day?

Alberto Perez: That’s right. This is a well-rounded training program. It is the perfect formula between working with a personal trainer and doing it in a group setup. On the first day, our members can expect a welcoming community, energizing environment and working with certified personal trainers that will coach you on the technique and drive accountability. On your first day you will meet with one of our trainers to learn about your fitness journey, any injuries and fitness goals. You’ll get an Evolt 360 Body Composition Scan, put on your tennis shoes and step into our spacious training area. The class will start on the dot and that’s when our trainers will address the class in what we call the “talk time” where they’ll explain the purpose and science behind today’s session, what will be the focus, and the intervals scheme. They will then demo the movements and explain the room layout. After that, we go right into our warmup, and our training. Finally, we’ll have time for cooling down and, very important, stretching. All done efficiently within 50 minutes.

RCL: You tout science and technology! That's great. Tell us about BFT's science-based programming and the technology used to track and maximize results.

AP: Yes, there’s a lot of research behind the programming and we aid this with technology for measured and maximum results. The main differentiator is that we focus on strength and that’s the reason why BFT had to develop its proprietary Heart Rate (HR) monitor.

The desired HR response for a cardio class is not the same as a strength class. Different exercises and exercise prescriptions have different physiological outputs!

The difference at BFT is our PXI (Performance X Intensity) targets. Each individual BFT session has a unique target PXI score. Adherence to the exercise prescription and the overall BFT programming intensity will provide more reward. To achieve the target PXI score, and more importantly the optimal results/adaptations, members will be specifically rewarded for following the heart rates prescribed for each BFT in-studio session.

To track progress, our members have access to an Evolt 360 scanner as part of their membership. This is a state-of-the-art body composition scanner that will give us over 30 parameters to keep track of things like skeletal muscle mass, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, Basal Metabolic Rate, etc. This is how we keep track of how our body starts changing even before we can see it in the mirror. Another way we track progress is with our strength test. We test for five movements and members see how they can lift heavier over time, and we use the results of the test to incorporate in the progressive training. Then we have the performance app, where we keep track of the strength test results, data from each session and the medals/rewards received for adhering to the prescribed PXI. Our members stay motivated, and best of all, they get the results they are looking for.

RCL: Your proven elite, high-performance group training methods are tailored to deliver the best results for every stage of fitness. What does "proven elite, high-performance progressive training" mean?

AP: Our programming is designed with a purpose: to get you stronger. Strength training is something that we should all do for the rest of our lives. Think about it this way, it’s like your 401K or retirement plan. You need to add to it every day with the goal that it will last until your last day. Science tells us that there’s no other way to develop strong muscles than by using them and lifting weights. Strength is developed progressively, so training has to be progressive as well. Little by little we’ll get stronger, and we do this by having the right combination of weight and reps along the 8-to-10-week cycles program.  

RCL: Your coaches are dedicated and highly trained and motivate, educate, inspire and push your members to achieve their goals.  

AP: This is something we are very proud of. They are all certified personal trainers and have gone through our proprietary training. We want you to receive the attention that you deserve, and for that reason, we have more than one trainer in each session Having two to three trainers in every class allows us to pay attention to each of our members and make sure you are getting the proper coaching.