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Science Meets Beauty

Meet Fabiola St Fort: The Woman Behind the Magic at Premier Wellness Medspa

Article by Winter Park City Magazine

Photography by Angela Robbins, Shot of Moxie

Originally published in Winter Park City Magazine

What inspired you to start an aesthetic & wellness practice?

My mother was always my inspiration, watching her bravely come to the United States with 3 children by herself as a newly divorced single mother. Despite the stress, fear, and hardship she faced starting a new life for our family, she always took pride in how she represented herself. Growing up I would hear my mom say “figi ou se paspò ou” all the time, which the direct translation is “your face is your passport” and metaphorically it means “how you look & present yourself in society influences what doors will open and how far you will go”. Growing up, I naturally became attracted to glamor, whether it was hair, makeup, skincare, fashion, etc. But I also had an equal passion for Science which is why I chose being an Anesthesia provider as a profession. After I lost my mother from her long battle with Cancer, the memory of her beautiful spirit reinspired me to incorporate my passion for beauty in my medical practice. Premier Wellness Medspa is the combination of both of my passions: Beauty & Science! 

What do you specialize in at Premier Wellness Medspa? 

We specialize in Aesthetic Medicine, IV Infusion Therapies, Vitamin Injections and Weight-loss Management. Some of our popular treatments include Injectables, PRP, Body RF + Cavitation, Liquid Lipo Shots, and Semaglutide. We believe in integrating health and beauty from the inside out from a holistic perspective. We also believe in educating our clients about their treatment options, establishing great communication and providing exceptional services while maintaining excellent customer service. We take pride in assisting our clients during their Beauty & Wellness journey!

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