Sculpting Beauty from the Ups and Downs of Loudoun Landscape

Article by Rebecca Pales, Kane Landscapes

Photography by Kane Landscapes

Originally published in Leesburg Lifestyle

Kane Landscapes, a family-owned business located in Loudoun County, has encountered its fair share of exciting requests over the past 30 years of designing and building stunning outdoor living environments in Northern Virginia.   With his team of talented landscape architects, project supervisors and craftspeople Josh Kane takes on these challenges and constructs some truly wonderful landscapes for his clients. Perhaps you’ve encountered a few of these common conundrums?

Probably the number one issue the team at Kane Landscapes faces is the hilly terrain of Loudoun County. While this may create additional work, it also allows for wonderful views and interesting features to be built into the landscape of outdoor living. When adding a pool, using the natural grade changes can create great visual interest and expand your family’s entertainment vantages.

Clients with sloping properties often want “level” areas for the kids to play or so they may create more formal gardens. Proper planning, especially during the home or pool construction phase can be accomplished by moving excavated soil to the locations where it’s needed.

The image above features a home in Leesburg where the front yard was elevated to create a driveway. The client wanted to make a roundabout with a focal point in the center and extra parking to the side; when the additional parking area wasn’t in use, they wanted a space to double as a half-court for their son to play basketball.

For backyards, there are a few more options. For some homeowners, creating different terraces and helping use the terrain in their favor is perfect. Going up and down steps aren’t ideal for other homeowners, so a flat or level yard is the best option.

Our region is known for the natural beauty of the land, but also for the heat, humidity and insects. So what do you do when you want to be outdoors, but with a little more comfort?  Often the answer is a covered pavilion, screened porch, or a 3-seasons room. With screens, fans and even Air Conditioning, these areas can be a simple respite from the summer sun or a true extension of your home to be used most of the year

Getting kids, and parents for that matter, off their devices and talking to family is often the aim of outdoor  It often seems like when people are outdoors they slow down, relax and are more open to conversation. Keeping everyone outdoors takes planning. Facilities like an outdoor kitchen allow families to stay outside longer and try different things, like making a pizza or smoking ribs together.

Extending the party into the evening when the temperatures start to cool is another highly requested feature of Kane Landscapes designers. There are many ways to pull your family and guests outside. Proper LED lighting, Café lights strung over your patio or a firepit/fireplace all help you make the outdoors the best room in the house to spend your evenings. Even a fountain can make a space feel cooler, and the sound of moving water creates a peaceful atmosphere.

See kanelandscapes.com/ for more photos and examples.

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