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For the holidays, Sea Gypsy recommends their Christmas Market River Cruises. A favorite venue: Heidelberg, Germany

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Sea Gypsy Travel

Specialists in Continuing Education and Wellness Travel - Plus!

Travel has always played an important role in Jaime Conover’s life. Growing up with military parents, exploring different places defined her young life. Travel has since become a lifelong passion, and she is proud to offer memorable escapes, unforgettable getaways and relaxing opportunities through her full-service travel agency, Sea Gypsy Travel.

In addition to owning Sea Gypsy Travel, Jaime is a therapist in private practice. Her profession helps her appreciate the myriad of benefits that travel provides for health and well-being. 

After almost 20 years of private practice, the heaviness that comes with my line of work was getting to me,” she explains. “I wanted to continue being a therapist, but I also wanted to do something enjoyable and fun.”

Her family had always enjoyed taking cruises together, so Jaime decided to specialize in cruises. She opened Sea Gypsy Travel in July 2017, and soon brought in two other agents to help fulfill her vision. Colette Lykins serves as Sea Gypsy’s resident Disney travel expert, and Brandi Gibson focuses on the agency’s education and wellness travel initiatives. 

“I was encouraged to sell what I love. We specialize in all-inclusive travel in Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as ocean and river cruising,” she says.

“I enjoy planning friend trips, couples travel, anniversaries or honeymoons. But family trips are secretly my favorite to put together.”

Jaime says that Sea Gypsy is unique in the travel industry because of their focus on creating continuing education and wellness travel. They regularly offer opportunities for clinicians and other professionals to gain continuing education requirements, while also relaxing on vacation. 

“As a licensed clinician, I value the importance of travel on mental health. We understand the need for breaks from work and developing an awareness for work-life balance. We encourage travel as a way to prevent burnout and to show how travel can ease stress factors that lead to burnout,” she adds. 

Sea Gypsy also focuses on wellness trips, which offer opportunities such as yoga, massage, hiking and other experiences designed to help enhance individual well-being and increase harmony and balance. 

“A wellness trip could be a small group going to a destination and resort that is known for its environment,” Jaime explains. ”We help our clients focus on a variety of options for a restorative trip, as we know that we all relax and unwind differently.” 

To make the most of your upcoming travel opportunities, Jaime recommends always using the services of a professional travel agency and purchasing travel insurance to protect them from unknown occurrences that might happen before or during a trip.

“Travel agents are about providing top-quality service,” she says. “Anyone can book online, but that booking engine doesn’t get your goals and desires for your trip. And it won’t be a phone call away when something doesn’t go as planned.”

As the holiday season nears, Jaime recommends booking travel and experiences as early as possible for best pricing, and then anticipating each aspect of the journey so you can relax and enjoy your holiday travel.

Some of Jamie’s top recommendations for holiday travel include Christmas-themed ocean cruises, Christmas Market River Cruises and Christmas at Universal Orlando.

“There is nothing quite like the holidays in Hogsmeade or at Hogwarts,” she says, laughing.

Six years into her experience at Sea Gypsy, Jaime is proud of how the business is continuing to grow, and of how her team brings their different strengths together to meet the needs and interests of their clients. 

“In the near future, I plan to finish my scuba certification and set up small scuba-diving travel groups,” Jamie says. “Eventually, I would like to retire as a therapist and focus solely on this adventure. Travel can truly change lives!”

FMI, visit or find them on Facebook at SeaGypsy Travel and on Instagram at @seagypsytravel.

  • Sea Gypsy Travel owner Jamie Conover in denim jacket) and colleague Brandi  Gibson
  • For the holidays, Sea Gypsy recommends their Christmas Market River Cruises. A favorite venue: Heidelberg, Germany
  • For the holidays, Sea Gypsy recommends their Christmas Market River Cruises. A favorite venue: Christmas Market in Cologne, Germany