Secrets of a Great Kitchen

Functional and Fabulous

What are the secrets of a great kitchen? I’d opine it’s having expansive and unobstructed views of the Long Island Sound in a stately Cameron Clark manse which graces over two acres of property. Like, say, real estate expert Cindy Raney’s listing at 1121 Sasco Hill Road in Fairfield.

But I’m not a cooking expert like Lauren Braun Costello. So I asked for her opinion. According to Lauren, “Function above all is the most important design consideration for a good working kitchen.” Turns out, Cindy’s listing is perfect for both of us!

Here are more of her tips: 

1. "Light is really important. A kitchen must be bright so that you cannot only cook well but clean well."

2. Lauren: "The two most important things in a kitchen are ample counter and cabinet space. To that end, working triangles are essential, meaning that there is direct and efficient movement between the refrigerator and pantry, stove and oven, and counter and sink (storage, cooking, prep/cleanup)."

3. Lauren: “Wall ovens can be an excellent way to maintain multiple working triangles in a kitchen with the added benefit of having pot-and-pan storage beneath the stovetop.”

4. Lauren: "Wolf Ranges are my favorite! I love an electric oven with a gas stovetop, which gives me the greatest feeling of control."

5. Lauren: "A good pantry is the foundation of 'mise en place,' everything in its place.  Size is not the most important aspect, order is. Cooking is not only joyful but the results are always improved when you begin with organization.”

6. Robin: "I mean, look at this place! It's gorgeous! Who wouldn't want to cook in here?"

7. Robin: "The eating area is right next to the kitchen, dramatically reducing the opportunities to spill something on the floor. And the view!"

8. Robin: "Great place to enjoy a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres while someone else is cooking."

For more information on 1121 Sasco Hill Road, Fairfield, contact Cindy Raney at Cindy Raney & Co.
(203) 257-8320

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