Seeing New Adventures on the Horizon

How one doctor at Southwest Eye Care offers new freedom for his patients

LASIK specialist Dr. Jabin Krassin is one of the fortunate individuals who knew early on what career path he intended to pursue. “I knew in high school I wanted to be a doctor. At that time, I thought maybe orthopedic surgery. But then, in med school, after the ophthalmology rotation, I was really attracted to the precision and attention to detail in the field. I enjoyed the craftsmanship and knew that is what I wanted to do.” 

Many things have changed in the LASIK surgery world since Dr. Krassin got his start. It was once a fairly expensive procedure reserved for a narrow sector of patients who met strict physical criteria. This is no longer the case. As the technology has improved and popularity has increased, the cost has come down significantly, and the procedure is available to a much larger patient population. A patient who may not have been a candidate twenty years ago may be eligible now and could have that determined easily during a free consultation. 

Dr. Krassin is now part of the team and co-owner at Southwest Eye Care. “We treat a broad range of patients now. Our youngest is around 17 years old, and our oldest is around 73. The technology is much better and faster now. The original lasers required a patient to hold still for 35 seconds, but it is now just an 11-second procedure.” 

For those that may be squeamish about anything touching their eye, Dr. Krassin says, “LASIK today is so advanced that the only thing that touches the eye is water and Q tips. No blades are used. The laser does everything else.” 

The culture created at Southwest Eye is also intentionally different than one may have found years ago. “We really try to maintain a community atmosphere. While we do have different locations, we cater to the community where we are located.” And while serving locals is part of it, the collaborative work atmosphere is a significant contributor. “I love having a team of doctors and optometrists all in one location. We can talk through a case, and we all have different strengths we bring to the clinic.” As co-owners, they bring a broad range of expertise that lends itself to a wider scope of practice than other medical settings. Southwest Eye offers pediatric services, low-vision specialists, and full optometry services. 

It has to be rewarding to have the ability to improve people’s vision. But it’s far more impactful than just being able to leave the eyeglasses behind. Dr. Krassin says, “We are literally changing their life. It has revolutionized what people can do. And in just a few minutes, it gives people freedom for decades to pursue things they want to do without glasses or corrective lenses.” 

He has had several patients enjoy these new freedoms in their work life and in their leisure time and enthusiastically share their satisfaction post-surgery. One patient working in the military who had previously worn glasses shared, “An increased confidence in work after LASIK, having one less impediment to doing their job.” Another of Dr. Krassin’s patients had a correction that was pushing the outer limits of the procedure, but for her, it was well worth it. “She actually told me that leaves had veins on them! She could see the detailed veins on leaves for the first time.” The outcomes these patients enjoy post-surgery allow them the freedom to pursue new adventures in all areas of their lives. 

Dr. Krassin is no stranger to adventure himself. An avid outdoorsman, about ten years ago, he found himself on a search for a new challenge. After a motorcycle purchase and a safety course, he is now a motorcyclist and motorcycle enthusiast. He can often be found biking to the office in the warmer months and winding his way around the lake. He says it’s “liberating” to ride and has found, unlike driving a vehicle, riders really become one with the bike, and the experience is exhilarating. And if the motorcycle doesn’t set Jabin apart from his fellow ophthalmologists, he did reveal he also has eight tattoos. 

While your next ventures may not involve going full throttle or getting some fresh ink, a consultation with Dr. Krassin can help you firmly set your sights on new adventures, pique a new interest, and discover a freedom you didn’t think was previously possible. To find your new adventure and meet with Dr. Krassin and his associates at Southwest Eye Care, visit:

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