Seeking Cultura

A Story of Resilience and Community

Jeanette and Lyz Macias embarked on a journey to improve their health and the health of others. The couple experienced numerous health issues, particularly Jeanette, who struggled with gut health and frequently fell sick. They realized that a change in their diets and nutrition was long overdue.

Motivated to make a difference, Jeanette and Lyz began researching and incorporating fermented foods into their diets. They discovered the numerous benefits of a healthy gut, including a stronger immune system. This led them to the world of kombucha.

However, they were disappointed to find that many store-bought kombucha brands contained added sugars and preservatives. Frustrated by the lack of authentic kombucha options, they decided to make their own.

Thus, Seeking Kombucha was born! The couple made it their mission to create all-natural kombucha using locally sourced ingredients and no added preservatives. They crafted a variety of fermented drinks, flavored only with whole foods and herbs.

Their big break came when the South Lake Union Saturday market invited them to showcase their products. However, just as they secured a space for their business, the pandemic struck, forcing a complete shutdown.

Jeanette and Lyz were determined not to let the pandemic hold them back. They understood the struggles faced by small businesses and decided to offer their space to host community events. This initiative grew rapidly, with the couple providing resources and support to other businesses through networking and collaboration.

Realizing the importance of building connections and understanding the people behind each business, Jeanette and Lyz continued hosting events. Attendees praised their efforts, encouraging them to do more.

Inspired by their success, the couple decided to create a street fair that celebrated their Mexican and Filipino heritage. The event showcased traditional dances, music, and vendors from both cultures, highlighting the similarities and diversity that make Seattle unique.

The couple's vision expanded even further, as they dreamed of creating an event that celebrated the world's diverse cultures. The Seeking Cultura event was born.

Seeking Cultura is a summer street community event, where cultural diversity is highlighted through small businesses, community organizations, food, live music, visual art exhibits, hands-on art activities for children, and building connections to last a lifetime.

"We value community, diversity, and equality, and believe that through cross-cultural exchange we can improve community relations and promote economic development." - Jeanette and Lyz Macias

They believe that every small business participating in our events has a story to tell, and Seeking Cultura encourages attendees to learn more about how and why cultural identities shape their businesses.

Seeking Cultura has come a long way since its inception a year ago and has expanded, featuring the beauty and traditions of South America, Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia.

Seeking Kombucha has too! The couple continues to seek new flavors and clean ingredients for their products. Their journey has taken them from the sun and palm trees of their origins to the global stage, creating a sense of unity in a world that often feels divided.

With their hearts set on making a difference, Jeanette and Lyz now plan to host events in neighborhoods that have been adversely affected by the pandemic. Their next venture is Georgetown, where they hope to bring life and positivity back to the community.

In a world where connection and understanding are more important than ever, Jeanette and Lyz's story serves as a reminder that resilience, innovation, and a strong sense of community can help us overcome even the most challenging of times.

SUNDAY - JUNE 11, 2023
1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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