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Selah's Most Recent Focus: Children

Play Area the Latest Development in Unique Community Located Just South of Norman

You’ve probably already heard about Selah (—an up-and-coming wellness community located just 10 minutes south of downtown Norman. Perhaps you even know someone who has purchased a home in this walkable, New Urban Community boasting 540 acres of front porch living, fresh food, and a focus on reconnecting family and community through nature.

Selah openly welcomes visits from their neighbors to the north (as well as others) who may be seeking possible places to relocate or are simply curious about what this unique community has to offer. It’s also just a really nice place to visit.

Selah’s most recent focus has been on children. This summer, they finished constructing Pryor’s Play Area.

“We want to be as family-friendly as possible. We have plenty of draws for adults, but we didn’t want to forget the kids!” remarked Selah creative director Ali Parker. “With so many different activities to enjoy, Pryor’s Play Area is perfect for children ages 3 to 10.”

Selah also is a pet-friendly establishment. At the time of this writing, a watering area for pets, located by brand-new outdoor restrooms, were under construction.

“With Selah still in the initial phase of development, there is an ever-growing list of activities and attractions to continually spark new interest,” Ali says.

“You can even plan a full day here! Start your morning off with some coffee at the insanely Instagramable Sip at Selah, then jump in a Bronco with one of our in-house Realtors for a tour of what's here and what is to come. Enjoy spending time with family by taking a hike up to see our friendly Watusi, Alpacas and horses.

“Then,” she said, “enjoy gourmet coal-fired pizza inside at Pryor's for dinner. Afterwards, make your way outside for some pickleball, ping pong or cornhole, and then make sure to stop by the Silo, grab a drink and enjoy some live music at one of our fire pit sitting areas available for reservation.”

Here are some details to help you plan your visit

Pryor’s Pizza Kitchen

Pryor's Pizza Kitchen, 18935 Selah Way (readers may remember when it was located in downtown Norman), brings a unique and exciting experience for the entire family. Located at the entrance of Selah, it offers handmade pizza cooked in a one-of-a-kind coal-fired oven and unique handcrafted cocktails. Just outside, look for the aforementioned playground for the younger guests and activities for the whole family.

Many weekends, you can catch live music as well on the stage at Pryor’s. Coming up, look for Hunter Thomas from 8-11 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 5; Kyle Killgore, 8-11 p.m. Friday, Aug. 11; Alex Pierce, 8-10:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 12; and Jessica Herring, 8-10:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 19.

Sip at Selah 

The bright, sleek Art Deco aesthetic of Sip at Selah attracts conversationalists, gal pals and caffeine aficionados alike. Early risers will enjoy freshly brewed cups from local roaster, Eôté Coffee Company, as well as high-end teas from Tea Forte. Brunch and lunch are served Thursday through Sunday; small bites throughout the week.

“We have seen a consistent influx of returning guests, both for the wonderful pizza and the constantly growing collection of amenities,” Ali noted.

Ali also had news for any of our readers planning a special event in the near future. A decadent throwback to the Prohibition era, The Reserve at Selah echoes back to the Roaring ‘20s and is the perfect venue for wedding receptions, corporate events and formal get-togethers. This uniquely singular space will soon feature a members-only lounge and supper club. The Supper Club is open to anyone who purchases a dinner ticket.

“With Selah still in the initial phase of development, there is an ever-growing list of activities and attractions to continually spark new interest."

  • Jordan and Colton Valdes check out the new play area at Selah.
  • Selah also is a pet-friendly establishment. Love the sign on this pet watering bowl fixture.
  • Now, kids and pets can find accommodations at Selah!