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Can you hear what your employees are NOT saying?

Why is your company culture important? It increases productivity, employee retention, and the quality of your final product. It enhances your company’s reputation, thus attracting new talent and customers alike. And when everyone’s expectations for one another are clear, their jobs become immeasurably more fulfilling. 

Whatever lies ahead for your business, its success depends on how your employees perceive your operation. Improving your company culture may not always be as easy as asking your team members to point out where there are deficiencies. They may not be able to explain precisely what their needs are. Moreover, they may fear the repercussions of raising their voices.

SELECTTORS® is the solution! After running a successful boutique consulting firm for over two decades, Jean Miller invented the SELECTTORS assessment tool. “Our goal was to find a way to measure and improve company culture that excludes all the things most of us have come to dislike about surveys in general. We don’t believe in annual surveys, as they cannot effectively measure the many changes that occur within an organization over a 12-month period. That’s why we set out to create a survey that can easily be administered quarterly and taken in under ten minutes. The idea was to gain more thoughtful and honest answers from employees while not detracting from their day-to-day responsibilities.

“SELECTTORS is an acronym that represents ten influencers which affect a company’s culture. Our tool additionally measures participation in the survey, as well as overall company satisfaction using our proprietary Compass Heading™ measurement.

“What companies come to expect from the survey results are areas that need improvement as well as areas that are thriving. We believe it’s important not only to point out what’s wrong, but also to celebrate what’s working well within a company.

“Companies who sign up for our quarterly assessment tool enjoy a short, 30-day maximum timeline from beginning to end, starting with onboarding participants to take the survey and concluding with the final results. This allows our clients to quickly communicate results and plans for improvement with their employees, which ultimately keeps everyone engaged in the company’s culture.

“Survey results are completely anonymous, and participation is voluntary by design. Employees may understandably feel apprehensive about taking the first survey, but once they realize that management fully supports the process by communicating results and continuing to schedule future surveys, the participation rate steadily climbs. The more faith employees place in the survey – and the more they see their company valuing their feedback – the greater their satisfaction that their voices are being heard. Another way we gain the trust of participants is by providing only the results and not allowing companies to receive the raw data. 

“Every company can benefit from our tool. One of our clients recently scored high on all the SELECTTORS, but also learned that some team members were dissatisfied with company benefits. If not for the survey, they may not have had an opportunity to correct their course before some of their team members left to seek better benefits. A simple fix, all-in-all, but a crucial one during an era when employee retention is more important than ever.

“Our clients appreciate how easily they can interpret the results. In only a few minutes management can assess the participation rate, the culture influencers, and the employees’ overall satisfaction with the company. In effect, SELECTTORS provides a comprehensive overview of where your business is heading.”

To learn more about this revolutionary survey and how it will enhance your employees’ satisfaction, productivity and ultimately your company’s bottom line, call Full Sail Solutions today at (855) 787-8398 or visit selecTTors.com.

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