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Enjoy these relaxing, healthy and rejuvenating local experiences in 2024!

HOTWORX is a 24-Hour Infrared Fitness Studio created for members to experience the MANY benefits of Infrared heat absorption while working out. HOTWORX offers 10+ Isometric 30-minute workout sessions and 3 HIIT (high-intensity interval training) 15-minute workout sessions --which offers more workout in less time. HOTWORX's patented Infrared saunas combine heat, Infrared energy and exercise. To claim your complimentary session, visit

A simple way to make a pleasing impression is the expression one wears on one's face.  One of the most delightful factors in your personality can be your captivating smile.  A smile says "I like you, you make me happy, I'm glad to see you." Health, beauty, and confidence work together in giving you the overall wellness to take on the world. 212.393.4650

Embark on a holistic wellness journey at Dermatology Circle. Addressing common concerns like hair loss, our specialists offer a range of solutions, including medical and regenerative treatments for optimal hair growth. Beyond symptom management, we focus on uncovering root causes. Elevate your well-being by scheduling a visit, and let us guide you toward a healthier, more confident you. 914.602.4776

Restore Hyper Wellness offers cutting-edge modalities to help you take charge of your health. Improve sleep, energy and mood. Boost focus and reclaim your cognitive edge. Decrease pain, inflammation and signs of aging. No matter what your “do more" goal is, Restore has a service to help you feel better than you thought possible." 2148C Broadway in Manhattan

Opulence Glamour Skin Clinic - a visionary beauty haven nestled in the heart of Murray Hill, conceived by the talented and award-winning Esthetician, Edyta Maselbas. This clinic stands as a paragon of sophistication and innovation, committed to offering the very latest in beauty technologies including Biologique Recherche Facials, Icoone Medical Laser and Morpheus8. 212.920.6192

Feeling brand new starts from something ancient. WTHN makes the transformative, science-backed benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine easier to access. Our safe and natural herbal supplements, acupressure and ancient beauty tools exist to be a part of your healing journey. 646.558.9846

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