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Rebekah Taylor and Kelsey Clark

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Self-care and transformation

Give your body the attention it deserves

Article by Wendy Sack

Photography by Kayla Turner, Kayla T Photography

Originally published in Cullman City Lifestyle

Local duo Rebekah Taylor and Kelsey Clark, both certified family nurse practitioners and paramedical tattoo artists, own inkMED Skin Studio in Cullman. They opened their business in December 2023.

“Our business offers medical tattoo techniques that can camouflage skin irregularities, scars – whether surgical, self-harm or accidental – as well as skin conditions such as birthmarks, stretch marks or vitiligo,” said Clark. “Medical tattooing aids in decreasing the appearance and texture of scars and stretch marks. These advanced techniques are accomplished by depositing ink or serums into the affected area.”

Being woman-owned, inkMED has a unique perspective when it comes to health care.

“It’s special because, as women, we bring an innovative solution that can apply to anyone. Our background in health care has prepared us to care in an empathetic way for clients who have internal and external scars,” Taylor explained. “As women and mothers, we are proud to own a business to be able to teach our children hard work, honesty, independence, leadership and generosity.”

inkMED offers a wide variety of specialized services designed to help clients feel their best.

“Our treatments consist of scar neutralization, scar camouflaging and stretch mark rejuvenation. These treatments are for the client who has major scarring after surgery making them self-conscious and holding them back from full recovery; the client who has self-harm scars reminding them of a difficult period in their life that they are ready to let go of; and the client who has stretch marks from pregnancy, weight loss or even weight gain and is self-conscious about wearing certain outfits,” said Clark.

Taylor and Clark are passionate about their work, sharing, “We stand by our mission of honest, safe and excellent work. Each client will receive a free consultation where their medical history is reviewed and any questions or concerns are answered. We will provide the client with clear pre-care and after-care instructions. The procedure is similar to having a tattoo. Pain is very minimal to none. Healing on average takes about 30 days. Most clients need between two to three sessions to achieve the full desired results.

  • Kelsey Clark and Rebekah Taylor
  • Rebekah Taylor
  • Kelsey Clark
  • Rebekah Taylor and Kelsey Clark

"At inkMED Skin Studio, we believe that self-care is a powerful way to promote healing and wellness. With over 20 years of combined experience in health care, we understand the importance of giving your body the attention it deserves."

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