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NicMarie Breathe Confidence, LLC: Sales Support Survivors Of Assaults And Abuse

For 30 years, West Chester resident and entrepreneur Nicole Kosh sold her innovative jewelry designs to encourage and inspire others. However, in 2019, she created NicMarie Design to add wellness and self-care products to her product line so she could donate a percentage of proceeds to better support survivors of assaults, physical trauma and emotional abuse.

"I've been making jewelry since I was in kindergarten, and I still really enjoy it. My goal is to inspire self-care. It's uplifting to decorate and celebrate your body with jewelry and positivity," Nicole says. 

As founder and managing director at NicMarie Breathe Confidence, LLC, Nicole indicates she focuses on made-by-hand jewelry, clean beauty, aromatherapy and mental health products to intentionally encourage empowerment. "My items embody the power of nature by using pure plant products in skin and hair care products, and incorporating Earth's healing crystals, semi-precious stones, lava rocks and metals," she explains.

She says she blends fine metal chains with crystals, stones and lava rocks to provide natural diffusers and aromatic healing properties of essential oils to "breathe confidence" into and throughout everyday lives. 

She says she's had a lifetime of dry, sensitive skin, and an eczema diagnosis post-trauma, so she creates gentle skincare products applying her knowledge of the many uses of essential oils and benefits of vegan and plant-focused ingredients.

Anchored with a bachelor's degree in communications, media studies and film from Penn State University, Nicole's work experience spans multiple industries, including marketing, entertainment plus health and wellness.

Years ago, Nicole committed to the practice of sustainability. "I believe positivity encourages more positivity," she explains. "Reusing and repurposing old pieces of jewelry into fresh, modern designs is necessary, so Earth’s creations of metals and stones don’t end up wasted and buried in a landfill. Metals and many more materials can be cleaned, polished, remelted, and reshaped to use over and over. Why waste? Why not reuse?"

She confirms that she collects supplies from all kinds of places, such as thrift stores, walking along the beach and jewelry stores. "People give me their broken and unused jewelry that I enjoy taking apart and restyling," she adds. 

Local ingredients are added to Nicole's products, including local lavender essential oil from the self-pampering oriented Mt Airy Lavender farm in Coatesville. She also adds rosemary from her backyard to the bath salts she produces.

"Flower bouquets that my Mom and I receive are dried and reused, too," she says. 

She says her design process reminds her of nature's cycles. 

"An [jewelry] idea comes like a seed wanting to sprout. Then time, water and sunshine nurture these ideas, like the seed, to grow a little bit each day. Eventually, each design blossoms into a unique piece of art, similar to growing trees, flowers and herbs. These plants, like jewelry, continue to nurture our health by admiring their visual components individually and together, absorbing their energetic healing properties, and inspire us to keep going. Keep healing. Keep growing," she says. 

Nicole's products are known to correct, fix and reduce the incidence of cracked skin, scars, burns and inflammation, especially in victims of domestic violence, sexual harassment, RTS and post-traumatic stress disorder. By partnering with organizations such as Joyful Heart Foundation, RAINN, Center for Community Solutions of San Diego, Monarch Services of Santa Cruz, and Home of the Sparrow in Exton, she says she helps survivors restore their confidence by first fixing any possible skin problems.

Nicole says she enjoys volunteering for the End The Backlog initiative, and assists fellow entrepreneurs via providing digital communications tips as a subject matter expert for SCORE in Chester and Delaware counties. She's also an active member of the Women's Business Connection of Chester County.

In the West Chester area, shoppers can find Nicole's products at the following retail stores: West Chester Cooperative; Chester County Art Association; White Oak Tattoo; The Jeweled Warrior and Wayne Vision. Her products also are sold in retail locations in California, Delaware, Maryland and Washington, D.C. 

Nicole says frankincense and CBD will be added to future products this summer.

Her motivational mantra is:  "I'm strong. I can heal. I will be persistent in my goal to feel free and at peace. I can use my voice to speak my truth. I will be strong in overcoming life's hurdles."

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