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It's Next Level Self-Care

Self-Love is next level self-care. While lighting candles and relaxing in a bath does wonders for reducing stress and improving mood, self-love goes a step further. It has to do with how we view and feel about ourselves.

Does self-love make us a narcissist, or egocentric? No. It means we trust, honor, and respect ourselves. As such, we end up with more to give. We become self-full vs. self-ish. Selfish means having a lack of consideration for others. Self-full means we take care of our ourselves such that the fullness of self spills out into more health, happiness, and wellbeing for ourselves and others.

Self-love is cultivated moment to moment over the course of a lifetime. Different phases of life present different challenges as we enter new seasons, however, we can cultivate and deepen self-love by learning to be more present with ourselves in each new phase with judgment-free awareness.

The following questions can be explored to deepen self-love: What do I appreciate about myself? What are my strengths and talents? In what ways do I care for myself and contribute to the lives of others? What goals have I set and followed through with?  In what ways have I handled challenges well?

The more you explore, discover, and use your internal guidance system, rely on self-trust, and gift yourself understanding and forgiveness, the more you will elevate your self-concept, own your worth, and become your own champion of self-love.

Could you use an ally in cultivating self-love, leaning into your strengths and talents, and/or following through with your goals? Contact Rebecca for a complimentary Meet & Greet. Your path is unique. You don’t have to navigate it alone.

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