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Striped Midi T-Shirt Dress –

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Fall Finds

Style for everyone!


1.     Enamel Charm Necklaces from Auburn Jewelry - Gorgeous enamel charm necklaces. Pick one that has a special meaning or build a charm necklace! -

2.     Make Magic Bracelet - An amazing reminder, right on your wrist. And when you no longer need the reminder, pass your bracelet on. You can track its journey! -

3.     Acrylic Earrings - Pop-of-color statement earrings are a great way to spice up any ensemble. -

4.     Kurt Geiger London Rainbow Cocktail Ring - A fun cocktail ring that will surely go with anything! -

5.     Plot Twist Hoops - Did you know Rowan isn’t just for piercing? These hoops are an awesome earring staple for your jewelry collection. -

6.     Catalina Hinge Bangle - A beautiful, lightly hammered gold bangle with the dreamiest blue accents. -


1.     Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Candle - A favorite of mine to keep close when lingering outside in the evenings, plus it smells amazing! -

2.     Cedric Gold Speckle & Blue Mirror - Open up any space with the addition of this mirror. I love the blue and gold accents. -

3.     White Swirl Ice Bucket - I am obsessed with this ice bucket, which is perfect because I’m also obsessed with happy hour. -

4.     Emerald Labyrinth Ball Pillow - A pop a color in a none traditional shape is perfect for a little space refresh. -

5.     Gary Bodker Large Carafe & Cups - Stay stylish and hydrated with this gorgeous carafe and matching cups. Great for bedside tables or days spent at a desk. -

6.     Woven Leaf Palm Pendant - A simple light that packs a lot of “vibes”. -

Style – Women

1.     Classic Cashmere Topper - Perfect to throw on as the nights start to get a little bit chillier. -

2.     Pause & Purpose Tote - A wonderful (and practical) reminder to slow down and be a bit more mindful. -

3.     Striped Midi T-Shirt Dress - If I could wear a dress every single day, I would. Connecticut winters really get in the way of that so I’ll be living in dresses throughout the majority of fall. -

4.     Spray Painted Tuxedo Shirt - A little business in the front, party in the back action. -

5.     The Great Sweatshirt & Sweatpant – If you ask me, cozy sets are a wardrobe staple, this one in particular. -

6.     The Drop Women's Monika Flat H-Band Slide - Pair these with jeans or a t-shirt dress for weekend errands. -

Style- Men’s

1.     On-the-Go Pants - The pinnacle of style and comfort, these pants are water resistant, moisture wicking, and made for just about anything. -

2.     Hoodie - As much as I love color and patterns, sometimes a simple piece, like this hoodie, is exactly what you need. -

3.     Doug Good Feather Pacific Hoodie - We love a pattern and no one does it better than Faherty. Pack this for watching the sunset on the beach. -

4.     The Knit Shacket – The shacket trend isn’t over yet and this green is swoon-worthy! -

5.     Slub Classic Tee - Can you ever go wrong with a classic white tee? A closet staple. -

6.     Short-Sleeve Linen Camp-Collar Shirt - I've been loving the floral patterns on men’s clothing this year. Thanks, Harry Styles! -


1.     Theragun - I can’t say enough good things about this product. It loosens up tight muscles after a workout and helps you achieve more restful sleep. -

2.     iRobot Roomba - Freshly vacuumed floors every day without having to do it yourself? Say no more. -

3.     Hatch Restore - As the sun sleeps in a bit later in the coming fall months, wake up with calming light (you can even simulate a sunrise) and sound from the Hatch Restore. Truly, a favorite product of mine. -

4.     Sonos Roam - Let the music play wherever you go! -

5.     Magictec Sweater Defuzzer - Sweaters slowly come out of storage this month so touch up any you need to with this awesome sweater defuzzer. -

6.     Apple AirTag - Loser of keys? Misplacer of wallets? No more! These are perfect for you. -

  • Enamel Charm Necklaces from Auburn Jewelry -
  • Make Magic Bracelet -
  • Acrylic Earrings –
  • Classic Cashmere Topper –
  • Cedric Gold Speckle & Blue Mirror -
  • Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Candle –
  • Gary Bodker Large Carafe & Cups -
  • Plot Twist Hoops –
  • Pause & Purpose Tote -
  • Emerald Labyrinth Ball Pillow -
  • White Swirl Ice Bucket -
  • Woven Leaf Palm Pendant -
  • Catalina Hinge Bangle -
  • Striped Midi T-Shirt Dress –
  • On-The-Go Pants –
  • Solid Hoodie –
  • Spray Painted Tuxedo Shirt -
  • The Great Sweatshirt & Sweatpant –
  • Doug Good Feather Pacific Hoodie -
  • The Knit Shacket –
  • The Drop Women's Monika Flat H-Band Slide Sandal -
  • Slub Classic Tee -
  • Theragun –
  • iRobot Roomba –
  • Hatch Restore –
  • Sonos Roam –
  • Magictec Sweater Defuzzer –
  • Apple AirTag -
  • Kurt Geiger London Rainbow Cocktail Ring-
  • Short-Sleeve Linen Camp-Collar Shirt -