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Article by Julie Meyer

Photography by Provided by Bassett Furniture

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

We spend about one third of our life in the master bedroom, but when it comes to designing and decorating, it’s the room that often gets overlooked. People tend to spend more time and money on the public spaces of their homes such as the entry, kitchen or living areas.  Carly Werner, Designer and Visual Merchandiser for Bassett Furniture, explains, “Creating a relaxing bedroom is important and worth the effort.  It should be a space that we love to be in.  It should be beautiful and functional.”

When planning out your master retreat, think about the purpose of the room.  Everyone needs rest, but you may also use your room for relaxing, reading, romance, and preparing for the day.  Carly’s first tip is to remove anything from the room that is not related to those purposes.  Clutter is never relaxing or serene.  Having adequate storage to tuck away extra blankets and reading material helps minimize visual distractions. 

Since the main purpose of the room is a restful nights sleep, take the time to find bedding that you absolutely love.  You will not regret splurging a little on the perfect sheets, softest blankets and most comfortable pillow you can find.  Snuggling into a cozy bed at the end of the day is one of life’s true pleasures.

Other elements to consider are lighting and color.  Having adequate light such as task lighting, or table lamps for when you need extra light, and room darkening shades or curtains for when you need to sleep, will allow you to be comfortable day or night.  Window treatments can add color and texture as well as muting sound and light and have a softening effect.  When choosing color for the bedroom, less really is more.  Intense colors are not as relaxing as softer tones.  If you love bold orange for example, use it sparingly for a hint of color in a more neutral overall scheme. 

Carly’s last tip is to personalize your room with meaningful finishing touches. “More than any other room in the house, your bedroom is truly your personal space and should be filled with things that are meaningful to you such as family photos and sentimental items.”  Learning to balance accessories around a central focal point can anchor the room.  Some examples of restful accessories from nature include plants, wood, and linen.


+Avoid overcrowding the space. Three feet is a good distance for a walkway between furniture.  Allow 18 inches clearance to open drawers and cabinets. 

+Use rugs to add color and pattern and define the space in the room for different purposes.

+A mirror will reflect light and make a room feel lighter and brighter. 

Bassett Furniture offers complimentary design consultation to help you create your serene space.

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