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Joe with his two boys, Wyatt and Cody.

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Sergeant First Class “Joe Kap"

A Legacy Not to be Forgotten

On January 23, our nation and community lost patriot and beloved husband and father Joseph Kapacziewski. An Army Ranger who served ten tours, Sergeant First Class “Joe Kap” beat the odds by becoming the first Ranger to return to active duty as an amputee. A hero unlike any other, he received multiple honors, including the No Greater Sacrifice Freedom Award, an Army Commendation Medal, a Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts. 
Joe is survived by his wife, Kimberly, his sons Wyatt and Cody, and countless soldiers inspired by his devotion to family, country, and his fellow Rangers. His legacy will live on.

  • Joe and Kimberly Kapacziewski
  • Joe with his two boys, Wyatt and Cody.