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Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Shortbread

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Sergeant Shortbread

Reporting for Cookie Duty

Matt Rosen served in the U.S. Army for nearly one quarter of a century. That certainly entitled him to name his cookie business Sergeant Shortbread – and he doesn’t even have to take orders from General Mills. Cookies were wholly irrelevant to Matt’s service, however. He surely ate some cookies during it, but those were unremarkable occasions.

Lightning struck once Matt was discharged and vacationing in Hawaii with his wife and parents. There he ate a shortbread cookie so ambrosial that it would change his life – forever. Upon returning to Eden Prairie’s equally paradisiacal landscape Matt began experimenting with sugar, butter and flour until he too could bake perfect shortbreads: light, tasty, lovely things that dissolve into your soul as much as they do on your tongue. Have one bite and you won’t wonder at the reasons for the success of Sergeant Shortbread (formerly Bakerz Dozen).

“This past year has been a big one for me,” said Matt. “In addition to rebranding I’ve upgraded to a commercial kitchen space. That and my wholesale food manufacturing license means I’m now able to sell my cookies to stores, restaurants and cafes, though I still frequent farmers’ markets and deliver direct to my customers’ homes. With my walk-in oven I can bake 22 dozen cookies in just ten minutes. And my wife is happy to have her kitchen back to herself, too.

“I have everyone to thank for my success: the great people of Eden Prairie, the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce, and Eden Prairie Lifestyle, of course, for saying so many nice things about me. The glowing reviews I receive on social media have also been instrumental to Sergeant Shortbread’s growth, and the traditional media has been just as kind. My cookies and I recently appeared on Twin Cities Live!

“I can’t express how nice it is to have my passion and my profession be one and the same. It means I get to spend all day doing my two favorite things: making people smile – even if that’s only for a brief moment – and experimenting with new flavors.

“Everyone is always happy to see the cookie guy coming. I’ve helped so many people celebrate special occasions that I’ve lost count of all the weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation parties and company events that I’ve had the honor of baking for. I just recently baked for a wedding that served my cookies in lieu of a traditional cake – quite the auspicious step upward for cookies, in my book. And I am especially grateful to my friend Al Killion for having me take care of dessert every time he celebrates an anniversary of Baker’s Ribs right here in town.

“Most people aren’t aware of all the research and development that go on behind the scenes here at Sergeant Shortbread. When people ask me if I’ve ever baked a certain kind of shortbread, I either tell them that I have or I will try. I have a couple of base recipes. The rest is trial and error as I fine-tune ingredient ratios until I’ve baked something I’m proud to put my name on. I’m a stickler for texture. (Don’t worry. Even my mistakes are 100 percent edible, and my family makes sure nothing ever goes to waste.)

“My newest creations include the cherry almond shortbread, which I make with just the right amount of maraschino juice and chopped cherries, and the maple pecan, which features real maple syrup by Faxon Farms down in Henderson, Minnesota. I do try to feature local ingredients as often as I’m able – within reason. Baker’s Ribs is going to serve pork wings before the ingredients for toasted coconut shortbreads start growing in Minnesota.”

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