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Set the Mood

Details and delicious fare make for a romantic evening.

Article by Lydia Kaye Clothey

Photography by Mary Scheirer

Originally published in Evans City Lifestyle

This month, we're celebrating love, so we collaborated with Charmagne Landrum of Landrum Florist & Interior Design and Chef Greg Mueller of Rec Tec Grills to learn how to prepare a romantic evening right at home.

"Always have fresh flowers, a bouquet or rose petals on the table," says Charmagne. "And candlelight is a must! Nothing brings out romance more." Her third charm is fine china. "Set the table with your best tablecloth, cook all their favorites, then serve it on your own china."

The Perfect Steak

Select Prime USDA Filet Mignon, Ribeye, or NY Strip Steak. Thirty minutes before grilling, preheat grill to 500℉ and set steak out to bring to room temperature. Rub each steak with olive oil and a few shakes of favorite seasonings, layering salty, sweet, sour, and umami elements.

Sear sides of steak on 500℉ grill for 4-5 minutes each, rotating steak 90° to give it a diamond pattern. Remove steak when it reaches an internal temperature of 133℉. Let it rest for 5 minutes, allowing the protein to relax. This yields a medium-rare steak. Top it off with garlic herb butter. Pair with their favorite sides and wine.

All of these steps can lead to a perfect romantic evening. So, next time you want to add a little sizzle to your date night, set the mood, light the grill, and let your honey know you've got dinner covered. Just remember to set aside some champagne for later!

Special thanks to all contributors, including Jeremiah and Leighton Lunger of Profile by Sanford and Manuel's Bread Cafe for the special contribution of champagne.