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Eric Newsholme: Your Local Neighborhood Blade Sharpener

Whether you are a professional or a home chef, a sharp knife is a must. A dull knife requires more pressure to cut, increasing the likelihood of the knife slipping and injuring you. A sharp knife will glide through food with minimal effort. But it’s not just about safety. Dull knives crush food. A sharp knife is more respectful to your ingredients and is a joy to use.

If you have dull knives, you should consider a professional sharpening service. Meet Eric Newsholme, aka Eric “The Blade” Sharpener, your local neighborhood cutler.

Second Generation

Hailing from Atlanta, Newsholme is a second-generation cutler. He and his father owned a successful sharpening business that serviced around 400 Atlanta restaurants. In 2016, Newsholme and his wife moved to Colorado Springs, where he continues to sharpen, as well as educate his clients.

Newsholme is passionate about creating a relationship with his community. His goal is to share his knowledge so that people see the value of using a sharpening service versus attempting to do it on their own. He has studied the history and origins of almost every knife on the market to ensure that each blade is sharpened correctly.

“When it comes to sharpening knives, you must know the country of origin. A German knife is made of a different type of steel than a Japanese knife. They are used to cut distinct types of foods, therefore the angles on the blade are different,” Newsholme says.

Not Just Knives

Newsholme’s services aren’t limited to knives. He also sharpens scissors, chainsaw blades, and hedge clippers, to name a few. If you have a dull serrated blade, he is one of a handful of people in the country with the training to sharpen it properly.

It may surprise people to learn just how easy and affordable this professional service is. Eric “The Blade” Sharpener makes house calls, is a vendor at the Backyard Markets, and even does private events where he teaches a Knife Skills 101 course. For more information, his website and socials are listed below.

Facebook: @eriktheblade
Instagram: @erikthebladesharpener

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