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Lantern sleeves skater mini dress.

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She Happens to Like New York

Milana Bartolotta's First Collection is All Manhattan

We’re eating lunch in Milana’s home - smoked salmon, sushi, croissants, pastries, and cheese. “Please, eat,” Milana encourages. “It gives me joy to watch people eat.”

And I find the word I’m looking for: joy.

Westport resident Milana Bartolotta’s first designer collection: shimmering dresses, intricate and delicate crochet gowns, fire-engine red leather Moto-jackets and skirts. Strong details, feminine silhouettes, interesting sleeves and ethereal skirts.  Every piece eliciting joy.

Growing up in the Soviet Union, Milana's love for clothes began at age 3. To her mother’s horror, Milana snipped lace from the curtains and skimmed leather from her mother’s coats to create design wear for her dolls.

Her family moved to the US when she was 14. She picked up English quickly and slowly adjusted to the unfamiliar culture of a foreign land.

After college in LA, she moved to NYC to continue studies at FIT, then landed coveted jobs at well-known brands where she honed her design and business skills.

This, her first personal collection, is an homage to New York City, a testament to the vitality and industry of her favorite city. “By embracing the spirit of New York, we celebrate the multifaceted beauty of femininity and present it through fashion that transcends boundaries.”

Everything is made-to-order in NYC, except for the crochet dresses. For these, she hires skilled Ukrainian women who are retired or on pregnancy leave. “This partnership allows me to produce hand-knitted garments of the highest quality craftsmanship while providing opportunity to women who would otherwise not be able to earn a living,” she explains. Then adds, “You can’t believe how much math is required for one of these!”

She uses dead-stock fabrics and leathers from luxury brands to eliminate excess and the highest quality materials, so her garments can be passed down through generations.

“One of my missions is to contribute my part to helping revive NYC Garment District, and with it, revive its timeless culture that so deeply aligns with mine.”

  • Knit long sleeve mini dress with rib neck and back zipper.
  • Maxi knitted dress.
  • Strappy ball gown with wrap around attached belt.
  • Double breasted black midi coat with layered look sleeves.
  • Double breasted midi coat with layered look sleeves.
  • Sweetheart neckline sheath midi dress.
  • Lantern sleeves skater mini dress.
  • Hand knit long sleeves sweater, cropped tow-fer jacket, pleated high-waist skirt with suspenders.
  • Designer Milana Bartolotta (Photo: Olga Prodka @olgaprudka; Jewelry: Feather & Foxglove @featherandfoxglove)