Elevated Shed

Grace Rosenstein's Gardening Place

Gardening is something one does in the dirt. It’s long hours of weeding, outsmarting nefarious garden-eating beasts, and braving steroid injections for poison ivy.

Some of us stack our flowerpots in an old bookcase, our gardening equipment struggling for residence among old sporting equipment and electric dog collar fencing.

Then there are those who make gardening look glamorous, such as interior designer Grace Rosenstein (GR) and her bespoke gardening shed. Though she concedes, “I’m not going to lie, it’s not typically this pristine,” it’s nonetheless a gracious reminder that working the earth is a beautiful thing.

WLM: What research did you do before selecting how to build it - i.e., materials, what to build into it, etc.?

GR: I researched classic Williamsburg style and English Gardens

WLM: What is your favorite part of this shed?

GR: I love the integrated soapstone sink and antique brass pot filler, beautiful and functional 

WLM: Is there anything you would have done differently, or plan to add to it?

GR: Nope - In my next house I'll do a greenhouse/shed combo so I can grow my seeds inside.

WLM: How do you keep it so clean?

GR: It’s not insulated and the floor is deck flooring - We use and abuse it. It gets very messy with flowers and potting soil, but I can just roll the island aside and sweep everything right out. I also find my leaf blower very handy here.

WLM: I’d love to know what you’re growing and why.

GR: I grow new flowers and vegetables every year. I'm always trying new plants. This year I have a lot of dahlias, cosmos, roses, peonies, calendula (first time growing), sweet pears, larkspur and more.

WLM: There are a lot of horizontally narrow drawers. What are these for?

GR: There are only two - I use them for tools. In the island, but build in crates are good for storing bulbs, fertilizers, tools, you name it. 


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