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Shedding Light on Lightscaping

Budget Lightscapes Offers High-Quality, Cost-Effective Lightscaping Services in Northeast Ohio

We'd like to introduce you to Budget Lightscapes, a northeast Ohio business specializing in professional low-voltage LED landscape lighting design, installation and repair services. In 2005, Chris Ursetti founded the company on the traditions of quality and excellence. This founding legacy continues to govern his business practices and illuminates the pathway of success that makes Budget Lightscapes' services shine and brilliantly reflects its established reputation as Northeast Ohio's premier nightscape experts.

What is lightscaping, you ask? And why is it important? 

Lightscaping — also known as landscape lighting — is a system of outdoor lighting that provides increased safety, security and a beautiful ambiance to your property's exterior. It's available for both residential and commercial properties.

When it comes to lightscape design, the options are endless and highly customizable to your needs. When you consider where your property could use added light, think about these common areas: entryways, front doors, deck steps and railings, driveways, garages, backyard living spaces, patios, pools and pathways.

Next, consider why you'd like to illuminate these spaces and what type of lighting fits your goals. If you're interested in upgrading your outdoor security, consider that pathway lighting helps to prevent accidents on steps and walkways, and discourages intruders and wildlife. If energy consumption and affordability are concerns, keep in mind that Budget Lightscapes offers energy-efficient, cost-effective low voltage LED lighting solutions that use 75% less energy than halogen, which are better for both your wallet and the environment. 

Finally, consider the type of lighting that could enhance your property while aligning with your lighting goals. Check out this handy guide:

  • Grazing: This involves positioning beams of light so that they project against a surface, such as tree bark or brick wall.
  • Shadowing: This type of lighting is placed in front of a focal point to cast shadows onto the surface behind it.
  • Silhouetting: To create silhouettes, the light will be placed beneath a tree, shrub or bush so that the shape can be seen against a dark background.
  • Pool and fountain lighting: Water features have a lot of potential when it comes to creating dramatic lighting effects. Placing lighting under the water can illuminate the feature and create a striking focal point.
  • Downlighting and uplighting: Placing lighting at the top or the base of the home or feature can illuminate it without being too overwhelming. When it comes to landscape lighting, experts recommend not to overdo it.

Whether you've looked at this list and know exactly how you'd like to enhance your property, or you're not sure what your property needs to look best — Budget Lightscapes' professionals are available to help you. Their team is committed to meeting the highest of industry standards by providing customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee through advanced training and continuous professional development.

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor space. Learn more about Budget Lightscapes and see more photos of past projects by visiting Call Budget Lightscapes at 216.406.1900 to set up your free design consultation.

Through routine employee trainings and regular professional development, Budget Lightscapes' team is committed to meeting the highest of industry standards for their customers.