Local Author Shelly Snow Pordea

Inspiring And Assisting Others In Fulfilling Their Dream Of Writing A Book

Shelly Snow Pordea, 48, of St. Peters, is a novelist, screenwriter, speaker and religious cult survivor. She is using her writing and coaching talent through her online business, TheCreativU, to help other people get their books into the world. “I believe each person's story matters,” says Shelly. “What information are you here to share?” 

In her adult fiction novels, the Tracing Time Trilogy, she highlights three generations of women who find their way in the world while seeking to save themselves and those they love. The books are currently being adapted into screenplays to be produced into a movie.

Her first children's book, The Hug Who Had No Arms, debuted on Amazon as a No. 1 Bestseller in several categories. Self-published in 2020, Shelly says it was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when the world seemed to stop hugging. She took her love of drawing and storytelling to create a children's tale to help families express love through the strange practice of social distancing as well as celebrating different ways to show love.

Having been a victim of abuse she now advocates for survivors through the online group

She says she wants to use her voice through the power of storytelling to promote change. Shelly speaks to groups, schools, conferences, and businesses about growing up in a strict religious sect, her experience living overseas, and the journey to becoming a bestselling self-published author. She is in the process of writing a memoir about her experiences, and is currently collaborating with her brother, actor Jon Snow, on a fictional adaptation of their personal story for a possible TV series.

But her main passion seems to be her work inspiring and assisting others who are wanting to become authors, to get their books published. She offers consultation and online courses at

“I meet so many people who have an idea for a book, but don’t know how to even get started on publishing one. Back when self-published authors came onto the scene, there may have been an attitude of inferiority, but that is no longer the case at all. Some top-selling authors you may know and follow already are actually self-published.

“If you want to add the distinguished title of author to your career, one of the fastest ways to do it is to put your expertise into a book, and market yourself as a published author,” says Shelly. “And my goal is to make these resources little more than a tenth of what I paid to publish my first book!”

In her courses, participants go through everything it takes to publish a book and retain all the rights and royalties of their intellectual property. They also learn some basics about book launch marketing and social media influence as an author.

In addition, she offers writing services and coaching for business people or anyone in a creative field where writing is involved. "I can help hone the language around your project or website copy and messaging, creating the narrative you desire," says Shelly.

For more information about her books, speaking, coaching and online courses, visit

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