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Shelter Bed Fundraiser

#NoKill Community

Article by Shannon Barghols and Animal Mission SC

Photography by Animal Mission SC

Originally published in Lake Murray Lifestyle

Animal Mission is committed to providing free or low-cost spay and neuter procedures for all pet owners in our area, in an effort to help reduce overcrowding and euthanasia in our local municipal shelters. Since our program began in 2006, we’ve made steady strides toward attaining No-Kill status for the Midlands. They need your help on this project. They are just 65 beds away from our goal of providing a high-quality bed in each of the 161 kennels at Columbia Animal Services.  Kuranda Shelter beds are not cheap. But they are the only product that can withstand the intense use of the shelter environment, where dogs literally live on their beds all day, every day. The beds have a guaranteed chew-proof design and can hold up to 250lbs.  The fabric is scratch-proof and can be easily sanitized and disinfected, which is critical in preventing dangerous diseases like parvo and canine distemper.  And these beds also provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment, which greatly reduces the dog's stress and anxiety levels in the shelter setting.  A donation of any dollar amount will help them get closer to their goal of making sure no shelter dog must sleep on the concrete floor, ever.  

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