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Shimmer, shapes and suede

Let texture and shadows add layers of design

GRAY AND BEIGE? NO WAY - Inspired by the need to visually show customers how to blend gray and beige tones, I created this shower to showcase just how well beige, creams and grays can blend together in the perfect combination. With the touch of a blended mix of handmade glass mosaics and penny round tiles on the shower floor, the champagne bronze fixtures bring to life these two normally contrasting color palettes.  

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX  - Round mirrors, circular vanity globe lighting and a natural marble  leaf pattern mosaic backsplash provide visual confirmation that different shapes can be used together to create uniqueness, variety and a risk well worth taking. The variation of color and texture in the marble tiles tie in all the elements of this shower and vanity design by introducing subtle hints of each tone and texture throughout the space.    

SUEDE IS IN – Tired of the same polished countertops and seeing constant watermarks? Try a suede finish instead. Known for its sleek matte finish, suede countertops provide a pop in a new vanity.  The charcoal vanity hosts a subtle brown wood grain peering slightly through the cabinet finish which gives depth and warmth.