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Shining Light on Sunburst Shutters

Transforming Homes with Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

As spring approaches, bringing new light and life to our environments, it's the perfect time to reimagine our living spaces. Since 1996, Sunburst Shutters Austin has stood at the forefront of sustainable and energy-efficient window treatments. We turned to their team to discuss how their innovative designs and personalized service are transforming local homes.

Could you elaborate on the types of sustainable materials used in your window treatments and the responsible sourcing of these materials?
Polywood Shutters were developed by Sunburst Shutters in the early 1990’s. After being a wood shutter company and dealing with all of the waste that went along with working with wood, we knew there must be a better solution that was more sustainable. Polywood is a solid non wood material that is made with very low waste. The waste can be recycled and reused. The Polywood Shutters come with a lifetime warranty and so purchasing Polywood Shutters is a one time decision. Energy efficiency is a key factor in modern home design.

How do Sunburst Shutters' window treatments enhance energy efficiency in homes, and are there specific design features that contribute to energy conservation?
Our Polywood Shutters are one of the most energy efficient window treatments on the market. The Polywood Shutters insulate 2-3 times more efficiently than a wood shutter and can block as much as 30 degrees of temperature and decrease 45% in heat transfer. The Polywood Shutters are so energy efficient that they qualify for the Federal Tax credit of up to $1,200.

For a homeowner in West Austin interested in Sunburst Shutters, what does the customization process entail? Could you describe the steps involved from selection to installation?
Once a homeowner contacts Sunburst Shutters, a free in-home consultation will be scheduled. During the in-home consultation, an employee of Sunburst Shutters will show pictures, display sample shutter, frame and color options and go over the different options for your shutters. The representative will measure each window and then provide a quote for the shutters including installation and sales tax. Once a customer places an order, the shutters are manufactured (all manufacturing is completed in the United States). Approximately one to two weeks before the shutters are completed, Sunburst Shutters will contact the customer to schedule the installation date and time. The installation will then be completed on the scheduled date by an employee of Sunburst Shutters.

Based on your experience with clients in the local area, which customization options or styles are most sought after?
Our 3.5 inch louver size is still our most popular size but more and more customers are choosing the 4.5 inch louver size to maximize view and light control. One of the nice things about Sunburst Shutters is that they are a timeless look meaning that they do not go in and out of style.

For those interested in learning more about Sunburst Shutters Austin's offerings, what are the best ways for them to get in touch with your team?
The best way to contact our team is by phone at (512) 549-6077 or by going onto our website at

"One of the nice things about Sunburst Shutters is that they are a timeless look meaning that they do not go in and out of style."