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With over 200 victims identified in South Carolina in 2021 and at least that many in 2022, human trafficking is a very real problem. Leaving “the life” is harder than you might think. Victims are targeted, manipulated, brainwashed, and convinced that this is what they have to do to pay back what they owe to their trafficker. Lighthouse for Life does not primarily deal with people who have been kidnapped and physically forced into trafficking. Most typically do not even realize that they are victims.

When a victim is able to exit ‘the life’ of human trafficking, they have a multitude of obstacles they have to overcome. Some examples include; housing and food, intensive physical and emotional health needs, legal support with child custody, criminal record expungement, or acquiring missing documents, education gaps, life skills support, transportation, career support, tattoo/branding removal, and more.

The Survivor Support Program walks alongside survivors of human trafficking, helping to support and empower them through their restoration process. Lighthouse for Life has short-term care and long-term care. Short-term care provides a caring and supportive place for victims to feel safe. Survivors and families are connected with trusted direct referrals who can best meet their individualized human trafficking needs. Long-term care includes one-to-one support through individualized care plans for each survivor. There is also a 12-week support group utilizing the "Ending the Game" curriculum, to help survivors re-establish healthy relationships. In addition, Lighthouse for Life provides direct assistance with various needs (such as clothing/food, counseling, education, legal needs, tattoo removal, etc.), and transitional housing.

No matter who you are, there is a way for you to get involved and join the fight to eradicate human trafficking. 

  • Pray for victims, families, traffickers, buyers, and rescuers
  • Get training on how to recognize trafficking victims and how to work with survivors
  • Talk to your kids about what’s going on in their lives
  • Share information to spread awareness about trafficking
  • Volunteer with Lighthouse for Life

Visit their website to find out more information. 

The Harbor

(Under Construction)

The Harbor will become the ‘hub’ of their Survivor Support program and will also serve as a drop-in and referral center for survivors of human trafficking.

It may not look like much now, but from the first time they saw it, they knew that this building was the perfect place to house and grow their non-residential support for survivors.

Along with housing short-term and long-term care services, it will provide: 

  • A centralized location for survivors to feel supported and meet their needs by bringing community members to them at that location rather than asking survivors to travel all around town.
  • Simple drinks and snacks
  • A shower and laundry services
  • A resource library and computers to accommodate applications, research, etc.

Stay tuned for the transformation and grand opening coming in 2023!

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